Baibatirova Ultugan Amangeldievna.

1 Name : Baibatirova Ultugan Amangeldievna.

2 Education: Higher – Chimkent Pedagogical Institute of Culture by name Al-Farabi.  Speciality: Music and singing - 1993 .

The work in this institute-3 years, full-time employment.

3. Academic experience:

2011-for present.  SKSPI

Disciplines: Choral Conducting, Vocal, Basic techniques of conducting, music teacher Performing skills.

2009-2011. Academic Innovation University -2years.

Discipline: Choral Conducting, Vocal.

2003-2008. Yassavi IKTY.  Shymkent - 5 years.

Disciplines: Choral Conducting, Vocal.

2002-2003. Regional Philharmonic. -1year. Soloist I-category

1998-2002. Pedagogical College of Education by name  G.Muratbaev.   Dzhetysay-4 years

Disciplines: Basic Musical Instrument  (accordion), vocal.

1993-1998. Cultural-enlightment worker.    School. Sh.Kaldayakov.  Dzhetysai - 5 years

Discipline: The main musical instrument  (accordion), vocal.

4. The non-academic experience: company or legal person, the name, a brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) – N/A

5. Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

Certification of training:

1."Actual problems of musical and pedagogical education" (20-23 May 2011. KazNPU Abay. Almaty).

2.Certification of e-gov. 2011

6. Membership in professional organizations: the union of membership .

7. Awards:     Winner of the international competition "Aray". Shymkent, 2000.

8. The activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution) – N/A

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:   Total scientific publications - 9.

1. Қазақ ән өнерінің бұлбұлы. Teaching aid. Coauthored with A.Balabekov.-SKSPI.- Shymkent, 2012. 85p.

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3.Мектеп  оқушыларының  шығармашылық  қабілетін  қалыптастырудың  педагогикалық-психологиялық ерекшеліктері. Publications  of the IX International scientific-practical conference "Education, Science without limit- 2013". Poland, 2013 p. 49-55.

4.Вокалды-хор техникасының даму жолдары.  Publications   of the International scientific and practical conference " Teacher -the basis of a competitive society ::" Mangilik el - the eternal future of new generations ". SKSPI. Shymkent, 2014-p.78-82.

5.Ананы аңсау. Teaching aid. SKSPI.- Shymkent, 2014, 85p.

6. Оқушылар мен студент жастардың музыкалық қабілетін дамыту,оны қабылдау,есте сақтау. Publications  of the international scientific-practical conference "Baytanayev’s reading-1: Actual problems of the integration process of training teachers in the international space of  education" SKSPI .-Shymkent, 2013. p.210-214.

7.Болашақ музыка мұғалімдерінің дирижерлық дайындығының мазмұны.

Materials of the International scientific-practical conference "New Kazakhstan, new teacher, new generation", dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Independence Republic of Kazakhstan. SKSPI . Shymkent, 2011.  p.434-439.

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