Jolamanova Gulsara Jalgasbaevna

1. Name: Jolamanova Gulsara Jalgasbaevna

2. Education: The Almaty State Conservatoire named after Kurmangazy (now Kazakh National Conservatoire named after Kurmangazy (further – KazNC), the faculty of history and theory of music, major – music researcher (1981), teacher qualifications: teacher of musical-theoretical disciplines.

Post-graduate course in the theory of music, KazNC.

Candidate of Arts. -17.00.02 Art History, (Institute of literature and arts named after M. Auezova of National Academy of Sciences, 1996, theme "Dombra Kuy Traditions in Kazakh Opera).

The work period at this University is 5 years. Full employment.

3. Academic experience:

From 2014 – up to current time –South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University (further - SKSPU). Disciplines taught in SKSPU: The basics of music theory and Harmony, Solfeggio, Basics of research, Theory and history of music education

2003-2013 - South Kazakhstan College (further – SKC) of music-10 years. Disciplines in the SKC: Music theory, Harmony, Solfeggio, Kazakh music, World music.

1989-1999 - The Institute of Literature and Arts named after M. Auezov of the National Academy of Sciences.-10 years. Research worker.

1981-1984 – Professor of the Institute of culture named after Al-Farabi, the city of Shymkent – 3 years. Disciplines: Theory, Solfeggio, Harmony, Analysis of musical works, The History of World music, The History of Kazakh music.

4. The non-academic experience: company or legal person, the name, a brief description of the situation (full-time, part-time work) – N/A

5. Certificate of professional development with the date or professional registration:

 1. «Өрлеу» бағдарламасы бойынша біліктілікті көтеру сертификаттары  2017 г.

2. “The usage of integration technology in teaching of music in the institutions of higher education” – International Center of innovations Education “Protecta”, Sofia  2017

6. Membership in professional organizations: N/A

7. Awards: Certificate for the laureate of Republican contest of musicologists (year 2012).

8. The activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution) – N/A

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: Total scientific publications - 9.