Kulzhataeva Kamila senior teacher

1 Name: Kulzhataeva Kamila

2 Education: high, the SKSU named by M.Auezov (in 2000–2005), engineer-programmer;

3Academic experience: the master on computer facilities the SKSU named by M.Auezov (in 2005–2007);

4 Non-academic experience:

Southern Kazakhstan state teacher training college ( from 2009 to the present moment), the teacher of Informatika chair the taught disciplines – informatics, computer graphics, the Macromedia Flash MX Technology, OOP: Delphi language.

5 Certificates or professional registration: -

6 Member of professional organizations: certificate on professional development (2014г.) Almaty «Training center Өрлеу»;

06.02.2014г.  Certificate of the participant of the international scientific practical conference "Bektayevskiye Reading"; №003915  Certificate on accreditation.

7 Awards and premiums: member of labor union of educators of RK.

  1. Working in the sphere of services: doesn’t work.
  2. The most important publications and presentations for the last five years:

1. Development of the human capital - an actual problem of the present.  city of Shymkent, SKSPI  2012 y. 

2. Use of feature of Flash of technology in educational process, city of Shymkent, SKSPI  2013 y. 

3. Problems of education and sewage treatment by production of oil products, city of Shymkent, SKSPI  2013 y. 

4. Объектіге  бағдарланған  «Мoodle» ортасы арқылы  қашықтықтан  оқыту  курсын  құру. (статья), г.Шымкент, ЮКГПИ 2013г. 

5. System of accounts which was directed to develop ability of a dumaniye, to make students according to the Programming subject , city of Shymkent, SKSPI  2013 y. 

6. Possibilities of modern browsers for work with raster graphics, city of  Shymkent, SKSPI  2014 y.