Sarsenbiyeva Nagima Fayzullaevna candidate of economic Sciences., associate Professor.

Sarsenbiyeva Nagima Fayzullaevna

2. Education: higher, Kazakh state University named.S. Kirova, specialty "applied mathematics" (1982), candidate of economic Sciences (2002), associate Professor (2010).

Disciplines taught: databases and information systems; operations research; computer systems, networks and telecommunications; information security in computer systems; Cryptography, Programming, application software; computer architecture.

3. Academic practice: since 1982 he has been working in SPI. M. Auezova: 1982-1997 Teacher of the Department "geometry and methods of teaching mathematics", senior lecturer; 1997-2002 Senior lecturer of the Department "Informatics" MKTU.H. A. Yassaui, 2002-2011 Senior lecturer of the Department "economic theory", associate Professor; from year-2011 associate Professor of the Department "Informatics" SKSPI.

4. Non-academic experience: - no

5. Certificate or professional register: - 1. Certificate of MES RK "Master class on preparation of applications and clarification of tender documentation", Shymkent 2014.

2.She completed a 45-hour (4.5 credits) refresher course at Porto Polytechnic University. (Certificate). 18.11.2015-27.11.2015

3.The center of pedagogical skill of AOO" Nazarbayev Intellectual schools " has finished courses of improvement of qualification. (Certificate). Astana, 2017.

6. Membership in professional organizations: member of the NUROTAN party, member of the trade Union organization of the SKSPI

7.Awards and prizes: - in 2016 he was awarded the badge of the MES of RK "Altynsarin", in the year-2018 the medal "veteran of labor" of the MES of RK

8. Activities in the field of activity (inside and outside the institution): - no

9. the most important publications and presentations of the last five years:

1. Sarsenbiyeva N. F. "Protection of information in computer systems".  Educational and methodical instructions, - Shymkent, 2017.

2.Sarsenbiyeva N. F. "Application software support". Educational and methodical manual-Shymkent, 2018

3.Sarsenbiyeva N. F. a UNIVERSITY as an organization for social entrepreneurs. Second international conference on scientific development in Europe. Austria, Vienna. 2016.Pp. 82-89

In the Scopus database, in PubMed, zbMath, MathScinet, Agris, Georef, Astrophysical journal:

4. Sarsenbiyeva N. F., innovation management and entrepreneurship in higher education of Kazakhstan. Revista apartments Espacios. ISSN 0798 1015 Vol.38 (No. 48) year 2017. Page 41. Indexed in Scopus, Google Shollar

5.Sarsenbiyeva N. F., Improving tax incentives for small innovative entrepreneurship. Ponte academic journal. September 2017, volume 73, order 9. SK Scopus.