Lesbayev Agabek senior teacher

Date of birth: 25.04.1972

Address: Shymkent, railway Akzhar, ordaly str., 9

Phone: 87053225184

El.mail: lesbaev.agabek@mail.ru

Education: higher. Basic: teacher of mathematics and Informatics, MKTU.Yasavi, 1994 master's Degree, 6M060200-Informatics, SKSU.M. Auezov, 2013.

Main disciplines: Python programming Language, methods of solving Olympiad problems in computer science, OBP Workshop: C++, OBP Workshop: Delphi

Scientific-methodical work: 22 scientific articles and 7 methodical and educational-methodical works have been published.

Knowledge of languages: Kazakh, Russian (fluent), Uzbek (fluent), English with a dictionary.

Personal qualities: sociable, hardworking, quick decision-making.

Hobbies: reading, personal growth, chess