Aidarkulova Akmaral

Aidarkulova Akmaral

1 Name: Aidarkulova Akmaral

2 Education: higher, English teacher, International Kazakh- Turkish University named after H.A.Yassavi (1996-2000),Master of AIU (2015-2017)

3 Аcademic title: master teacher

4 Аcademic experience: English teacher at The International Kazakh Turkish University( 2001-2003)  2003, English teacher of foreign languages department in The South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute (2019 – till nowadays),  full-time work.

5 Non-academic experience: company or legal person, the name, a brief description of the position (full-time, part-time work) – there is not.

6 Certificates or professional registration: -

7 Union memberships: -

8 Honors and awards: there is not

9 Activity in the services sector (within and outside the institution): there is not.

10 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years - a title, coauthors (if any), place of publication or (and) presentation, date of publication or presentation:

1. “ Monitoring and evaluation concepts of future specialities ” Science Almanac PИНЦ (Akhmetova M.,Maulenkulova D.E.,Musabekova A.)

2.” Методика преподавание языков” Байтанаев оқулары-7 Заманауи білім беру тенденциялары: болашаққа көзқарас ОҚМПУ Шымкент (Beysenbaeva A.A.)

3.Ситуативтік  компоненттер және олардың қолданылуы(Kyasova K.K., Maulenkulova D.E.)

4.Ағылшын тіліндегі кірме сөздердің пайда болуы және қолданылуы(Kyasova K.K.,Adylkhanuly M.)

11.List in brief the new professional development activities, authorship or coauthorship in scientific activities: there is not.

12. If there is a supplement, you can specify those important activities that are not marked in the resume. - there is not.