Students of the K118-87 group of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University from 11/04/2019. November 15, 2019 to be in teaching practice at school-gymnasium No. 1 named after A.S. Pushkin in the 9th "B" class, the class teacher of which is G. Korpushina our first impressions of the school, school administration, teachers were only positive. The class also left us only positive impressions: the students seemed to us cheerful, active, responsible and disciplined. As it turned out later, the first impressions were justified: the guys answered well in almost every lesson, carefully completed the tasks. Our main goal was to gain experience in teaching the Russian language and literature to middle-level students, to draw students' attention to the lessons of the Russian language and literature, to develop thinking, attention and memory, to foster a culture of communication, interest in the topics studied, and broaden our horizons.

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Students Halmetova Milan and Sabitova Aizhan at school-gymnasium No. 1 named after A.S. Pushkin.

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Students-trainees at the lessons of the Russian language with the subject G. Korpushina

Head of pedagogical practice - G.Е. Isabeva