Temirova Zhannat Zhambulovna


1 . Name: Temirova Zhannat Zhambulovna

2 . Education: 1995. Kazakh chemical institute of technology in the specialty: "Economy and management in branches of a chemical and forest complex", with qualification assignment the engineer - the economist, postgraduate studies 2000-2001. M. O. Auezov SKSU, candidate of economic Sciences 2004, associate Professor 2012.

3 . Academic experience: YuKGU of M. Auezov, ICGS them...A. Yassaui, UCHPU

4 . Unacademic experience: state farm of Kirov Bugunskoggo of the area – the assistant to the shepherd 1989-1990g.

5 . Certificates or professional registration: -Certificate of state registration of rights to the object of copyright №514, IP № 0011727,2014

  • KIMEP summer school certificate in the programs "economy of transition", "Computer course" 1998. "Population and development issues", 1999.
  • Certificate of the Institute of advanced training of teachers of KazNU.alfarabi majoring in Economic theory, 2009, 2016.
  • Certificate of the Interregional center for professional development of teachers of technical and vocational education in the specialty "Distance learning: school of Tutors", 2009, 2017.
  • Certificate of the Republican Institute of advanced training of leading and scientific-pedagogical workers of the education system of Kazakhstan (Branch of JSC NCPC "Orleu") in Valencia (Spain), 2015.

6 . Membership in the professional organizations: no

7 . Awards and awards: no

8 . Activity in a services sector (in limits and outside establishment): no

9 . The most important publications and presentations for the last five years – the name coauthors (if are available) where it is published or presented, publication or presentation date:

1 . "The organizations crediting of natural persons in Kazakhstan", Works of the international scientific and practical conference "Innovations and scientific production: theory and researches and practical decisions" Shymkent, 24-25 April, 2013.

2 . "Solutions and financing problems in science and education sphere", the Collection of works of the international scientific and practical conference: "Innovations and scientific production: theory and researches and practical decisions" Shymkent, 24-25 April, 2013 Shymkent, 24-25 April, 2013

3 . "Credit policy commercial development ways", Collection of works international scientific and practical conference: "Development of science, education and culture of independent Kazakhstan in the conditions of global challenges of the present" Shymkent 2013 of 158-160 p.

4 . "The review to problems on training of competitive experts", the Collection of works of the Republican forum of teachers innovators "Modern education in the global competitive environment", YuKGU devoted to the 70 anniversary of M. Auezov. Shymkent, 26-27 April, 2014

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17. Socialli-ecological efficiency of pure energy sources in republic Kazakhstan recjvtydations on their development. ICITE-2018.1 V international conference. "Industrial technologies and engineering". Novembe 28-29, 2018 M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

18. Current Stan of agricultural macinery and equipment fnd leasing in Kazaksnan. ICITE-2018.1 V international conference."Industrial technologies and engineering". Novembe 28-29, 2018 M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

19. Asistenta et Nerkin modern gagyi men Latin Ornan. XVI Halaal trimn leumit alimarina Congress abecker, Shymkent, & qu. Kyrkuyek 2018j


10. Briefly to list new professional, developmental development, authorship or a co-authorship in scientific or developmental development: -