Professional practice is an essential component of the educational program of staff training. Internship is an important part of the learning process. Internship in the preparation of specialists with higher education is a purposeful and purposeful activity of students, aimed at mastering the chosen educational programs (educational program), consolidation of theoretical knowledge, the application of practical skills and the acquisition of competencies at each stage of study.

The purpose of professional practice: practical training of theoretical knowledge of students in mastering professional educational programs.

Tasks of professional practice: Formation of practical and communicative skills in higher education, corresponding to the requirements of the standard of education. Experience in organizational and educational work in education.

- Formation of professional profile of the specialist, meeting the new requirements;

- Interaction of students with direct practical activities, formation of their professional skills and abilities necessary for carrying out professional activities;

- to master the skills of creative and research work of students, the ability to analyze the results of their independent work.

Practice bases:
Practice bases are selected in accordance with all types of practices in educational programs.

Practice bases must meet the following basic requirements:

- compliance with the type of practice, educational program;

- be within the framework of the state standards within the framework of the activities provided by the professional program;

- provision of students with qualified personnel for practical management and organization.

The main types of professional practice: educational, linguistic, pedagogical, industrial and pre-diploma practices.

Educational practice - The selection of students is carried out in order to familiarize with the individual activities of the educational program. The internship is organized on the basis of the educational and additional units of the university, as well as in the organizations in the direction of the educational program.

Pedagogical practice (industrial and pedagogical) - deepening and consolidation of general scientific education in psycho-pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical skills, skills and competences.

Diploma Internship - conclusions, recommendations, etc. in the materials of the student's activity of a particular organization (enterprise, institution) The subject matter (the topic of the graduation work) is considered to be worked out. The student should demonstrate in the process of practice their knowledge and skills, organizational skills, decision-making skills, discipline, responsibility and diligence.

Professional practice program:

The content, purpose and objectives of each type of internship are determined by the programs developed by the graduate departments, including the types of internships and the specifics of the educational programs. The purpose of the internship program is to manage students' professional and practical process in the place of direct internship. Practice programs should have the following sections:

- Explanatory note (essence, purpose and objectives of the practice, competencies established, expected results);

- forms of practice (depending on the type), a list of possible jobs;

-content of the content by the theme and volume of the work;

- requirements for the trainee;

- rights and obligations of student-trainee;

- general and individual tasks for performance (themes of research on «student research work» and «student's independent work»);

-procedure of keeping the practice diary;

- Procedure of writing a practice report and its contents;

- content of the report applications;

-procedure for conducting the internship;

-procedure and expected content of the description of the characteristic of the student-trainee from the enterprise.

- criteria for evaluating the outcome of the practice and the protection of the report;

- Recommended literature.

Structure of professional practice database:

Professional practice can be organized in all types of profile, ownership (organizations, institutions) in accordance with the educational programs of students. The basis of professional practice is determined by the graduating department. The department annually selects new positions and approves agreements with enterprises, organizations and institutions in accordance with the specifics of educational programs for internship of students.

Practice placement of students into enterprises (organizations, institutions) is made subject to the conclusion of a partnership agreement or a student recruitment agreement.

Heads of departments after the conclusion of contracts make a list of practice bases. On the basis of the concluded contracts (two-, three-way) the department makes the schedule of the practice with the confirmation of the place and terms of training, type, the supervisor, specific contingent of students.