Niyetbai Kazyna Abenkyzy     

Niyetbai Kazyna Abenkyzy                                             

1. Date and place of birth: December 22, 1952, Kyzylorda region.

                                           Karmakchy district, pos. Jusaly

2. Nationality: Kazakh

3. Marital status: widow, I have a daughter

4. Education: 1970-1974 study at the Faculty of Philology Chimkent Pedagogical

                         Institute "Russian language and literature at school."

                        1991-1993 - study at the graduate school of Kazan State University.               

  V.I. Ulyanova-Lenin and ending it with the defense of his thesis, scientific specialty "01.02.06 - Turkic languages".

5. Experience: 1974-1989. - A teacher of Russian language and literature in

                          schools of the Karmakchy district of Kyzylorda region, 1989-1992,

                         January - August 1994 - art. teacher Kyzylorda State University  

                         named Korkyt ata.                    

                         Since August 1994 -1997 - st.prep. Department of Russian

                         language MKTU them. H.A. Yasavi.

                          From 1997 to 2016 - Associate Professor of the Department of

                          Russian Language and Literature at SKSU. M. Auezov.

                          From September 2016 to August 2017 - the head of the department

                          of Kazakh and foreign languages ​​of MSTU.

                          From September 2017 to the present - Associate Professor at the

                          Department of Primary Education Methods at SKSPU

6. Purpose: A systematic increase in its professional level

7. Scientific direction: Onomastic issues

8. Training courses: None.

9. Other skills: PC user

10. Knowledge of languages: Russian, Kazakh, English (with a dictionary)

11. Personal qualities: punctuality, professionalism, ability work in a team, tact,

                                 decency, justice, responsibility.