South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute

Department  of  "Biology"

Aitbaeva Aigul Ergenovna

Head of the chair

Candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor

Department of "Biology" was established on November 17, 1987. Candidate of Biological sciences, docent A.U.Ismailov  became chairman of the Department. . In 1995 management was transferred Candidate of Biological sciences, associate professor A. M. Mutaliyeva. During the period from 2009-2011, the department was directed by Candidate of Biological sciences, associate professor  H.M.Sartaeva, during 2011-2012 academic years and 2014 inclusive -  Candidate of Agricultural sciences, senior lecturer G.B.Alpamysova and in 2014 - 2015 academic year directed Cand.Tech.Sci., the senior teacher G. I. Isaev.

Now the head of the department is c.a.s., associate professor Aytbayeva A.E.

The faculty staff of the Department consists of 17 teachers: 2 PhD, Academician; 1 Doctor of Science, Professor; 8  Candidates of science, Associate Professors; 2 senior teachers; 4 Masters-the teacher. The scientific potential degree accounts for 64 percent.

The chair trains bachelors of specialty 5V011300 – biology. Bachelors of specialty 5V011300-Biology can carry out professional activity in the following establishments:

- main and profile schools;

- specialized schools;

- technical and professional, organizations of postsecondary education (colleges).

In 2011-2015 academic years 5 educational and research laboratories which were completely supplied necessary for training of biology with furniture and the equipment were open. Now function: a cabinet of Biology teaching methods and a zoological laboratory, microbiology, biotechnology, cytology and histology, botany, physiology of plants, anatomy and human physiology and animals.

For development of the international unity and external relations contracts are signed and close connections with Institute of physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences are established; Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Kazakh national agricultural university, Kazakh state women's pedagogical university, branch of the Kazakhstan scientific station, Southwest research institute of animal husbandry and plant growing, "The ecological center" of the Southern Kazakhstan regional Department of education, youth policy and development of languages, arboretum, zoological park, intellectual school of Nazarbayev.

According to scientific cooperation with partner universities, the following lecturers have been invited to conduct lectures and academic courses: Candidate of Biological Sciences, Assistant Professor Dautbaeva W., Doctor of Medicine, and Professor Kuandikov E.W.

The following faculty members have been awarded the title of "The best teacher of the university": Doctor of Biological sciences, Professor Halila A. (2005), Candidate of Chemical sciences, Associate Professor Koblanova O.N. (2008), Candidate of Biological sciences, Associate Professor H.M. Sartaeva (2007, 2011), Candidate of Biological sciences, Associate Professor Baiseitova N.M. (2012). "Excellent of education" of the public association "Qurmet-AB", Cand.Tech.Sci., Isaev G. I.

In April, 2015 specialty 5V011300 the biology passed the specialized accreditation providing quality of education without remarks.

In 2012 to the scientific project under the leadership of professor Balabekov O. S. and associate professor Sartayeva H.M. "Investigation of the effect of uranium mining industry on the environment" the grant is allocated. Research supervisors: Balabekov O. S., Sartayeva H.M. This work is implemented on chair in the direction 1.4 – influence of power part on environment. MES RK. 2012-2014, total amount is 12000000 t.

For professional development during the period from 21.11 on 29.11.2013g. the master of biology Kalshorayeva B.N – at polytechnical university "Valencia" of the city of Valencia, in Spain, (Certificate No. 0127599), and the teacher, the master of biology Ermekbayeva A.T., during the period from 17.06 on 26.06.2014g., at Newcastle University, the cities of Newcastle, in Great Britain, (Certificate No. 0131227), the professional development organized by National training center of "Orleu" completed full courses.

For occupation of the general command 3 places in the Republican subject Olympic Games in the specialty 5V011300-Biology, among students of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, students of the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute of Sydykov Zh.K., Tynyshtykbay B. Zh., Asan S.M. were awarded by diplomas of 3 degrees. Heads: Isaev G. I., Alpamysova A.B. c. Pavlodar, Pavlodar state pedagogical institute, 09-11.04.2015.

The Department organizes a scientific society "Young biologist." Scientific society works in two scientific focus areas:

1 - direction: The methods and types of active teaching biology:
      1) The use of interactive teaching methods in biology class.
      2) The development of students' skills in conducting independent research and teaching professional skills.
2-direction: A variety of plants vegetated in the South Kazakhstan Region:
      1) Preliminary preparation of the plants to grow in the indoor environment;
      2) The ways of growing cultivated trees in the outdoor environment.

Laboratory of microbiology, biotechnology, cytology and histology.

Members of the «Young Biologist circle together with candidate of Biological sciences, associate professor N. M. Bayseitova.

Specialty 5V011300 biology during passing of the specialized accreditation providing quality of education.

The vice-minister of science and education of RK Balykbayev Takir Ospanovich to get acquainted with educational laboratory "Microbiology, biotechnology".

Candidate of Biological sciences, associate professor Sartayeva H.M. shows the achievements to the minister of science and education of RK Aslan Sarinzhipov.