6В01703 "Foreign language: two foreign languages"

Amount of credits:

ESTC: 240/4 years

Degree: Undergraduate

Direction: Pedagogical

Name and code of specialty: 6В01703 "Foreign language: two foreign languages"

Prerequisites: Kazakh (Russian) language, Foreign language (English, German)

Post requisites: Theory of international relations, System analysis of international relations, Modern problems of international security

Language of instruction: Russian, Kazakh, foreign (English)

Duration of study: 4 years

Qualification: Bachelor of Foreign Languages

The specifics of the profession: The objects of professional activity of bachelors in the specialty  6В01703-Foreign language: two foreign languages ​​(English), are: primary, basic and specialized school, specialized school, secondary technical and professional organizations.

Labor market: - educational (pedagogical): as a teacher of two foreign languages, taking into account the internationally standard level requirements for the formation of foreign language competencies of students; - experimental research: the study of scientific and methodological literature, familiarization with best practices in foreign language education, its generalization, conduct experiments with the implementation of their results in the educational process; organizational and management: planning the content of foreign language education at different levels; determination of the ways of organizing and conducting the educational process; management and monitoring the quality of the formation of foreign language competencies; - socio-pedagogical: the formation of a multicultural personality with a developed worldview and thinking; educational and technological: information literacy; possession and use in the educational process of the latest technologies (including multimedia teaching a foreign language)