Scientific work


In the Department of chemistry conducted 2 directions of research:

1-direction: Colloidal-chemical bases of application of composite polymeric materials. Supervisor: Ph. D., associate Professor G. Madybekova. 2-direction: innovative methods of teaching chemistry. Scientific adviser: Ph. d, associate Professor B Shagraeva. In this direction, the Department employs 22 teachers-professors, including 1 doctor of science, Professor, 12 candidates of science, 9 masters. In the 2018-2019 academic year, 3 plans of research works are designed and implemented: 1 research project under the leadership of Professor A. Ashirov; 2 research works are conducted under the supervision of. Associate Professor G. Madybekova.


In the Department of chemistry for funded projects and works,: A. Ashirova, the cost of financing 200 million tenge "Creation of a Complex to increase the yield of agricultural and agricultural crops to address food security of Kazakhstan" 2017-2020 and associate Professor G. Madybekova, the cost of financing 20 million tenge 585761-EPPP-1-2017-1-FI-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP. Improving competence in sustainable waste management in universities in Russia and Kazakhstan / EduEnvi / 2018-2020 associate Professor G. Madybekova on a contractual basis supervises the consultant of the specialized boarding school N2 trilingual education and associate Professor B. Shagraeva directs the consultant on a contractual basis KMM specialized boarding school N3 named after M. Kalmyrz G. Shardara and specialized boarding school N 2 trilingual education.

            1. G. Madybekova researcher, together with SKSU named M. Auezova, works on the topic: "scientific and practical bases of technology of microcapsulation of biologically active substances and fundamentally new stimulators of plant development in order to intensify the production of agricultural products."

            2. G. Madybekova Erasmus+ (Erasmus+ is a program of the European Union aimed at promoting the modernization and sustainable development of the education system, vocational training) 585761-EPP-1-2017-1-FI-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP improving competence in sustainable waste management in universities in Russia and Kazakhstan / EduEnvi.  Department of chemistry SKSPI participates as an associate member.

The results of the research works carried out in the Department are published in the form of scientific articles. According to the annual report of 2019, 1-monograph, 3-author's certificates, 4-journals with Impact factor, 5-educational publications and 72-scientific articles were published: 23 Republican journals (WAC), 7-international conferences of far and near abroad, 36-international conferences, 6-Republican, regional and other conferences. Also received patents for inventions and author's certificates: associate Professor, Ph. D. Madybekova Patent N4366 on "method of obtaining lipase microcapsule" registration date: 16.10.2019 and associate Professor A. Bitemirova 1. monograph on "Acquisition of the heterocyclic compounds". Author's certificate: No. 1334. 15. 01.2019, 2. tutorial on “Methods of physical and chemical analysis". Author's certificate: No. 1507. 30.01.2019 G., 3. tutorial on " Methods of solving problems in chemistry." Author's certificate: No. 1282 dated 11.01.2019.

Achievements of the faculty of the Department of chemistry: associate Professor K. Kerimbayeva 30 April 2019 by the end of the XII Republican contest of research works of students, scientific and methodological center"ZIAT", College and universities "Gylym sarinas" received the diploma of I degree, assistant Professor A. Bitimirova 13 April 2019 at the end of the XV Republican contest of teachers of" ҰЛАҒАТТЫ ҰСТАЗ Republic of Kazakhstan" scientific and methodological center "ZIAT" received the diploma of " ҰЛАҒАТТЫ ҰСТАЗ ", Professor R. Kozykeyeva December 15, 2019, was awarded the badge in honor of the 80th anniversary of SKSPU.

At courses of improvement of qualification: may 03, 2019 Baymahanova G. associate Professor and master teacher E. Esenaliev passed 80 academic hours in the educational program of qualification of the teaching staff of universities and received a certificate, providing training of the teaching staff in the framework of updating the content of secondary education of Kazakhstan developed by Center of pedagogical skill of AOO "Nazarbayev Intellectual schools". May 17, 2019 G. Madybekova JSC" national center for advanced training "ORLEU". "Modern pedagogical technologies in universities in the field of updated content of education". He completed 260 academic hours of training and received a certificate OF attendance.  Has participated in the Workshop on Curriculum Content Planning and Teacher Training of the Erasmus+ KZ project organized by the Sustainable Processes of the University of Valladolid celebrated in Valladolid (Spain) from 14th to 18th Mai 2019 and in the framework of the project "improving the competence of permanent waste management in universities of Russia and Kazakhstan / EduEnvi" in the framework of the project intensive training of teachers for e-learning "from 28.01. for 01.02.2019 G. associate Professors: B. Sagraeva, sh Shinazbekova, K. Kerimbayeva took part in a training seminar on the preparation of the report on self-assessment of the University within the framework of institutional accreditation on November 22, 2019.