Meiіrbek Nursaule Kuryshevna  

1 Full name: Meiіrbek Nursaule Kuryshevna                                               
2 Education: higher, foreign language: two foreign languages, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University, 2012-2016, Regional Social and Pedagogical University, 2016-2018.
4 Academic experience: -
5 Non-academic experience: - Specialist of the Department of SRW and SRW of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University
6 Certificates or professional registration: -
7 Membership in professional organizations: -
9 Service sector (at the workplace and beyond): -
10 Important publications, presentations over the past 5 years: name, additional authors (if any), place of origin, duration:
International scientific-practical conference "The world of dreams of Tolegen Aybergenov" in 2016.
International scientific-practical conference “Trinity of languages ​​in Kazakhstan”, “Third language: the main stages of a competitive nation” 2016
Project work as one of the most effective forms of training in an English lesson. OfXIV international scientific and practical conference. Modern scientific potential - 2018. February 28 - March 7, 2018. Volume 9.
Teaching English is a system of teaching students with the highest humanistic education. International scientific-practical conference "Art and education in the modern political and cultural space." Part II, November 2018, p. 310.
Trained English students with impairments in higher education. “Trends in modern education and prospects for the future” - ICT conference at the Baytanaev readings 7. Part II, January 2019, 97 pp.
Modern technology in the work of a musician. The traditional republican VIII scientific-practical conference "Spiritual modernization - a new era of Kazakh civilization and youth." Part I, April 3-4, 2019 351 pp.
Student-centered learning strategies. Modern scientific potential - 2019. February 28 - March 7, 2019. Volume 11., 26 p.