Training methodical work

Training methodical work

Educational and methodical work of the department of social sciences is realized according to the plan of the dean's office and methodical bureau. May be noted the following works:

1. To work on the introduction of teachers of the department of credit technology, the introduction of the Internet, and work to improve outreach. CMD and syllabus for the academic disciplines taught at the department, introduced in Word and PDF format on the Internet platform (100%).

2.Lecturers of Department of widely used interactive methods of teaching that allows students to better absorb new knowledge.

3.Aktive take part in the scientific seminar held by the faculty of the department staff (annually representing approximately 10 reports), regional scientific-methodical conference "Improving the quality of higher education in the light of the Bologna process: realities, problems and prospects" (29.09.2015), "Higher education - a strategic resource of formation of intellectual nation" (11.18.2015), etc.

Teaching at the department of social sciences academic subjects (Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Religious Studies) is taught on the basis of typical data center training programs developed by the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, approved the protocol decision of the meeting RTMC higher and postgraduate education on 01.17.2014, entered into action department of higher and postgraduate education of international cooperation from 14.02.2011 №14, 12.08.2013 №359 and developed in accordance with the standard curriculum, approved by the MES by the order of 16.08.2013, №343.


Methodical seminars in the first half of 2015-2016 academic year




Features of the category of "civilization" in the social sciences


Aryngazieva B.B.


Spiritual values of nomadic civilization in the context of tolerance education

Saparbaev B.K.



Review of new literature available on the exposition of philosophy


Begdauletova K.D.


The relevance of the use of interactive methods in Higher Education

Syzdykova G.M.