Scientific work

Scientific work

Department carries out research works according to the plan:

1. Realization the fundamental research works according to the basic scientific directions of the department;

2. Scientific grant of MES RK and projects of international organizations and foundations;

3. Organization and participation of international, national, regional conferences, seminars, round tables, etc.;

4. Conducting research work with students. Implementation of the results of scientific research in the educational process. In the social sciences department operates research centers: the circle "Іzdenіs" (Prof. K.Kosanbaev.), Sociological Research Centre (senior lecturer B.E.Sagyndykova).

Research directions

The main scientific directions of the Department of social sciences: "Philosophy of Kazakhstan and socio-political problems", responsible - Head of the Department, associate professor B.B.Aryngazieva. On this topic it is working within the framework of 2 sections:

Research direction of 1 section - "Kazakh culture - social and philosophical phenomenon", scientific adviser - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor K. Kosanbaev.

Research direction of section 2 - "Social and political aspects of the development of modern society", scientific adviser - Ph.D., Associate Professor A.B. Yessimova.

According to the directions of the work carried out, the results of research being tested at scientific conferences, publications in scientific journals.

The main research works in political science:

• A study of contemporary political processes in Kazakhstan and the democratization process;

• Study of the process of modernization of Kazakhstan's political system;

• A study of modern political technologies and political management;

• A study of contemporary international relations and global development issues;

• A study of political issues of international and regional security;

• Analysis of image development in Kazakhstan.

The main research works on philosophy:

• Adhere to the conservation and improvement of peaceful intercultural and interfaith dialogue;

• Religious and confessional aspects of modern ethno-national relations;

• Theoretical and methodological basis of religious identity;

• Issues of religion and national security in modern Kazakhstan;

• Features of the NSD and the control of the state;

• Identification of the role of religion in modern society and the principles of its analysis.

The main research works in sociology:

• Globalization, urbanization and modernization of society;

• The competitiveness of youth in the modern period;

• Socialization of youth;

• Introduction of gender equality in Kazakhstan;

• Social, cultural and personal synergies;

• Social partnership of civil, governmental, non-governmental institutions in society;

• modeling, forecasting, and management of social processes;

• Research, evaluation, analysis of social media;

• The social system and the social stratification of society;

• Improving living standards of quality;

• Social adaptation of Kazakh society;

• Valuable orientations of modern youth;

• Implementation of gender policy in Kazakhstan: Status and Prospects;

• Analysis and forecasts of living standards in Kazakhstan;

• The sociological analysis of forecasting of information processes.

The Department of Social Sciences has research project on the basis of grant of MES RK in 2015 on the theme "Forming a Positive Image of the Kazakhstani Regions is a potential for the Consolidation of Society", scientific head: Associate Professor A.B. Yessimova.

3 certificates were obtained as a result of participation in the international scientific-practical conference "The Modern State: problems of socio-economic development" (Russia, Saratov):

1.Tazhitaeva R.S. "World experience study the phenomenon of image of the country / region"

2.Yessimova A.B. "The social dimension of global environmental problems"

3.Aryngazieva B.B. "Marginality as a cultural problem"