Scientific work

Research work of the department is conducted in the following area: «Fundamentals of psychology and educational rehabilitation and social adaptation of personality».

In April 2019, the 3rd year student, 123-16 group Seitmurat Nurai took part in a scientific and practical conference with a project on the topic “The mosque of Kozha Akhmet Yassaui as a source of universal values”. Scientific adviser: Atem Marjan


In April 2019, 3rd year students, 123-16 groups took part in the VII Republican Subject Olympiad among the universities of Kazakhstan, which was held in the city of Nur-Sultan at ENU named after Gumilev on the subject of "Self-knowledge." As a result, students of the specialty 5В012300-Social pedagogy and Self-cognition Bakidir Zhuldyz, Ersinbek Yerkezhan, Shukibay Diana, Zhaksylyk Moldir took an honorable III place.


The project on the topic “The Mosque of Kozha Akhmet Yassaui as a source of universal values” was nominated for The best project.


In 2019 calendar year, 55 students (72%) took part in the SSRW of the Pedagogy department.