Educational work

Traditional Olympiad

For the reason to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 (hereinafter - coronavirus infection) during a pandemic declared by the World Health Organization On March 16, students of colleges and universities of the country began training based on distance learning technologies. South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University,Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Faculty of Philology conducts practical classes in all non-linguistic specialties of our university in compulsory foreign language and a number of optional subjects. The training process is carried out in accordance with the approved workload, curriculum and schedule.

Distance learning technologies are based on conducting distance learning courses “online”, “offline”. Online tutorials provide real-time online learning.

Various electronic platforms and other electronic sources (video tutorials, individual online work, MOODLE, ZOOM, e-mail) are used to organize the learning process. The process of providing students with the necessary instructions for completing assignments and assignments, checking and evaluating students' work is carried out through the Univer program.

Students can also watch video lessons prepared by teachers of the department on the page of the department of foreign languages, which is specially open on YouTube. Links to these video tutorials are shown in the Univer program. (

February 20-21, 2019, a traditional Olympiad for students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd courses was held at the Department of Foreign Languages. At the Olympiad, 150 students took part in the presentation of the faculty. The students who were selected in the qualifying round participated. The event was held in the main building, in 306 audiences. The Olympiad consisted of 3 stages.

Stage I: lexical and grammatical text

The lexico-grammatical text consists of 85 questions and 15 texts of questions. The participants correctly answered 50 questions and moved on to the second stage. The first stage is 50 minutes.

Of these, 19 students went to the second stage:

1. Tursunali Diaz - 50 points

2. Kalanbek Symbat - 55 points

Lesbayeva Nazerke - 50 points

4. Semebey Nurilla - 53 points

5. Kulylzhan Akylbek - 54 points

6. Isafova Arafat - 57 points

7. Baisalieva Erkezhan - 58 points

8. Yermakhanbek Zarina - 79 points

9. Alikulov Shakhruz - 56 points

10. Turlybekova Aida - 54 points

11. Nurbekova, Narbekova - 67 points

Leshekova Zhansoy - 66 points

13. Ibadullah Akniet - 51 points

Ahmed Acar - 51 points

Timur Akhmetov - 57 points

16. Madame Adebay - 67 points

17. Talsyn Tastanbekova - 79 points

18. Kalmahanbet A - 50 points

19. Altynai Altyn - 51 points

Day 2 for the second stage

Essay (performed in 30 minutes)

Selected one of 3 topics and written essay:

1. Some people think that you can have only one true friend.

2. Virtual Internet communication results in losing real-life social skills.

3. Exams motivate students to study harder.

Stage III consists of spiking. Talking (reads without prediction, leaders are presented by topic)

After the essay, students will choose one of the following topics to show their conversational skills:

7. What would I do if I were a President of Kazakhstan.

8. Students ’extracurricular time, interests.

9. Youth policy: strategy and challenges

10. South Kazakhstan state pedagogical University history

11. Famous people of Kazakhstan

12. IT technologies in human life:

After two working days, the faculty general decision awarded prizes to the following students:

1st place - Ermakhanbet Zarina

2 place - Talyn Tastanbekova, Maman Binur