Scientific work

Scientific research work of the Department of English Language is accomplished according to the annual plan approved at the meeting. The research work of teachers as well as the research work with students are formed for one year and included in the general plan of the Department. Every teacher plans the volume and specifics of research actions and specifies them in the individual plan. The actions executed according to the plan are discussed at the Department meetings and recorded. It should be noted that the practical importance of the research work of teachers is highest as their results are included often into the category of innovative and plays not an unimportant role in the practical process of training of students. Monthly the scientific and methodical seminars are held, where teachers enlighten their scientific researches, share opinion and their results. Teachers of the Department actively participate in scientific and practical and scientific and methodical conferences, and also publish their papers in other International, Republican scientific journals. In the first half of the year teachers of the Department of English Language have published 15 articles: in the peer-reviewed journals – 3 articles; in other scientific journals – 6 articles, in the materials of the International conferences - 6 articles.