And on the eve of Teacher’s Day, the acting associate professor of the Department of Foreign, Ph.D. KK Kiyassova became the Winner of two Republican contests organized by the Committee on Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Institute of State History, the National Innovation Research Center Bilim Orkhenieti “Honorary Teacher of Kazakhstan” and “Best Teacher - 2019” and were awarded medals and diplomas of 1 degree.


Friendly University Tent

04/30/2019 the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University held an event dedicated to the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. The contingent of teachers and students at the university consists of representatives of fifteen ethnic groups. Many students with great desire took part in the concert program. Moderators are Abdrakhimov Kamil and Alikulova Shahnoza. Academic groups 125,127,128, 607-88 with International students presented songs in Kazakh, Russian and Uzbek languages. Students of group 607-88 Ismailova Lyazzat and Kaisarkyzy Elvira played dombra folk Kazakh kyuis. Kazakh dance presented Saydalanova Mekhaniz. Uzbek dances were presented by students of group 125-88 Temirova Nigora and Sadykova Dina. Letter to Juliet was read by Tursinaly Diaz, student of group 127-88. Ode about Father was read by Zholdas Ulygat. Creative scene was showed by student of group 128-88 Doronin Yaroslav. The congratulatory word was given to head of department Karakulova A.M. Guests of the event, head of department "Ruhani Zhangyru" Anarbayev K.S. and teacher from America, Joshua Duphor, expressed their gratitude to the students for their sunny, bright aura, where everyone behaved freely and naturally under the friendly tent of the University.



The modern system of education is focused towards the preparation of the specialists possessing a high degree of self-education, self-improvement, lifelong learning skills; i.e. the formation of a new kind of the individual capable of flexible critical thinking skills and adapted to the rapidly changing socio-economic, technological and informational realities of the world. To achieve the defined goals, the faculty of the English language Department has committed to the participation in the sustainable professional development and successful scientific research activities. As a result, there have been observed a favorable influence on the quality of the general educational process. For instance, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate professor G.I.Abramova has successfully participated in the research project "Intercultural Communication: mentally marked concepts of Kazakh culture, social identity and tolerance." The project scope meets the standard priorities of the scientific and socio-cultural development of Kazakhstan and focuses on the establishment practice of the unique Kazakhstani model of the interethnic understanding and harmony. The experiment results have been integrated into the academic disciplines “Intercultural Communication”, “British and American variance of the phraseological fund of the English language”.  Senior Lecturer, MA D.A.Mutaliyeva won the 1st prize in the regional competition “Tildaryn-2013” among 15 proficient foreign language teachers from the local higher educational institutions and schools. This competition has been traditionally conducted since 2008 to test the knowledge in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. In 2014-2015 Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer L.V.Turginbayeva completed a grant program of the University of Oregon, the USA, “Building teaching skills through the interactive Web”. As well as the same year, Senior Lecturer, MA D.A.Mutaliyeva completed online teacher training course of the University of Oregon, the USA, “Critical thinking in language teaching and learning”. That year the faculty demonstrated a number of excellent results in the International English Language Testing System with a score more than 6.0 bands. The faculty members annually take part in various training courses, research internships, training programs and seminars. For example, until recently Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Lecturer T.M.Abdualiyev, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer L.V.Turginbayeva, Senior Lecturer T.A.Ibragimova, Senior Lecturer R.D.Zhekebayeva, Senior Lecturer, MA D.A.Mutaliyeva have successfully participated in the Professional Development Program of the Higher Educational Pedagogical Institutions Instructors, conducted by Republican Institute for Development of Leading and Research-Pedagogical Staff of Education System of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National Center for Professional Development «Orleu». In 2012 Senior Lecturer, MA A.K.Dildabekova underwent a professional teacher training course in the University of New Castle, “Enhancing learning and teaching in higher education”. In 2013 Senior Lecturer, MA L.S.Kanayeva passed scientific internship at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) by the State Program Bolashak, “Theory and Methods in Education and Training”. The faculty team consisting of took part in the competition Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer L.V.Turginbayeva and Senior Lecturer, MA D.A.Mutaliyeva became the 3rd place winner of the organized by the company “Interpress” competition BEST PRACTICES WITH ENGLISH FILE, 3rd edition, conducted among the 28 instructors of 9 higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the last years more than 30 students of the Department took intensive academic courses according to the program of the internal and external mobility within the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries (Latvia, Germany).  Every year the Department faculty organizes various scientific seminars, training and academic courses, held by the outstanding domestic and foreign researchers and scientists. In 2013-2015 visitng-professors Candidate of Philosophical Sciences W.Frizen and ethnologist, PhD I.Shmoller conducted a series of training seminars and academic courses for the instructors and students of the institute. In 2015 under the supervision of Candidate of Philological Sciences, Assistant Professor G.I.Abramova, 4 year student U.Mavlanova took 1st prize in the competition among the student research works, “Gilim Sharainasy”, organized by the scientific-research center «Ziyat», Astana. In 2015-2016 Senior Lecturer, MA D.A.Mutaliyeva had successfully accomplished the in-service training course for the trainers from academic teaching staff of pedagogical higher education institutions, conducting training of pedagogic staff of the Republic of Kazakhstan, conducted by the Center of Excellence, AEO Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.