Educational work

23/11/2015 Department of Foreign Languages ​​held an event on the upbringing work “Interesting student's life”.  Master Akhmetova M.R. prepared a concert program with her academic groups of specialties of Physical education and Sports, Military training, Basics of Law and Economics, and Philology.

During the event, students showed slides from their students life: on lectures, in the dining room, in group activities, in practical classes, etc. There were songs in English, Kazakh and Russian languages. Students of academic groups 104-15, 108-15 Aldiyarova Ulmeken, Zhumagalieva Zhansaya, Aliyeva Kamila, Mamash Zarina danced Kazakh, Indian, Uzbek and Uighur dance.

Dean of the Faculty of Philology Nurpeisov N.Zh .: “Currently, students life covers half of the social life. Students are the most progressive nation that carries the flag in all areas of life. Therefore, in order to make the right moves in your actions, you, dear students, should be developed, to study at your college years. After graduation, you will not have time to read books, go to the theater. I remember my student days, my professors, lecturers, how they held classes, as teachers in their duty checked dorm rooms, faced with interesting moments that recalls with a smile on my face. In general, the activity “Interesting student's life” reached its goal. Special thanks to the talented students, to the organizer master Akhmetova M.R., and to the head of the department Karakulova A.M.”

Head of the department of Kazakh literature Mamyt A.: “Students made very good performance. Students of all majors have been involved in this event. The event has been taken place at the highest level”.

Head of the department of foreign languages ​​Karakulova A.M.: “Master Akhmetova M.R. started working at the department this academic year. During her work, the teacher conducts educational activities in the classroom in working and extracurricular time. Students were at the highest level, especially the song in English impressed the audience with its gentle performance. Overall, the event dedicated to the Day of the students has achieved its goal.