Scientific work

The department of foreign languages conducts its research work in the direction: "The main problems of intercultural linguistics of the XXI century: intercultural interaction  of unrelated ethnic groups; Verbal communication  of Kazakh and Russian ethnic groups; Nonverbal communication of   Kazakh and Russian ethnic groups. "

In November, 2015-2016, the teachers of the department participated with the reports  at  the International scientific and practical conference "Five institutional reforms guarantee the country’s development ". 9   articles of our teachers were published  in the conference materials .

Teachers of the department regularly publish their  articles in the scientific journal YUKGPI "Habarshy",  in  scientific Internet - resource G-Global.

The online conference  "Self-perfection and Self-development in the Preparation of Pedagogical Specialties - the Formation of Competitive  Teachers" is  planned  to hold  with the teachers of the University of International Relations and World Languages named after Abylaikhan  , where  the teaching staff will take part actively in December 2015.