Educational work

FACULTY OF PHILOLOGY,Department of linguistics

Educational work

Responsible: senior teacher M.S. Sуzdykova

Educational work of  the department is carried out according to the approved plan, drawn up on the basis of the institute and the faculty plans. The Plan provides for work on various types of educational work:

• Questions  of introduction and organization.

• Ceremonies.

• Round tables.

• Scientific seminars.

• Thematic conference.

• Contests  of articles and posters.

• Olympics.

• Thematic Week.

• Social circles.

• Debates and discussions.

• Excursions: hiking, meeting.

  • Linguistics Department together with the Department of English, organized a festive event " Тіл мәртебесі – ел мәртебесі" on September 24.The event was devoted to  the Days of the languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the students demonstrated their skills in different languages of the peoples, the idea of equality, solidarity and tolerance.



  • Students of the groups 118-85, 118-84 won the first place on the October of 15 at the festival  «Family day», held on the Day of the philologist,

    Students of the department participated in the preparation and holding of the meeting, on the  meeting  with the writer Akim  Yskak held at the institute. Students read poems, were made with the setting of the life of the writer and public figure.

    Teachers and students of the department, took an active part in the solemn event dedicated to the Teacher's Day ,in October, which expressed words of gratitude to the veteran teachers,  devoted songs, poems and dances.


  • A contest of young akyns was organized on the celebration of the first President’s Day, which took place on the November 23 under the guidance of the rector Onalbay Ayashev,. Students received prizes.  The event devoted to the "Independence Day" was held by the Department of Linguistics in cooperation with the Department of the Kazakh and world literature in December. Students of the groups, 117-14, 117-13, 121-13 and others took part in  the event and organized a scene related to the December events, which was noted by high audience. Witnesses of the December events were invited to the festive event, who spoke about the significance of the feast day of independence, they gave the lessons from the past life. Young akyns made patriotic poems dedicated to the Independence Day.