160012, Turkistan region, Shymkent city

А. Baitursynov street, 13

«B» block

Pedagogy and Humanities Faculty

Office: 305, 316


 8 (7252)




At the time of creation the department of pedagogyrelies on qualified teachers with experience and young teachers who are also engaged in the development of problems of social pedagogy and self-cognition and the educational system of our country.

Department of "Pedagogy":

- serves the entire contingent of university students;

- Conducts all types of practices from 1-4 courses;

- Reads pedagogical disciplines included in the section “Module of basic disciplines. Mandatory component: “Pedagogy”, “Theory and methods of educational work”.

The department of pedagogy actively prepares bachelors (full-time and part-time) in the specialty 5B012300 – “Social pedagogy and self-cognition”.