Training methodical work



Information on educational and methodical work


            The department carries out preparation of bachelors on specialties:

5В011700-Kazakh language and literature.

5B 011800- Russian language and literature.

5В012100- Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning.

5В012200- Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language learning.

Future job specialty graduates

Bachelor on specialty 5V011700 English Language and Literature, schools 5V012100 Kazakh language and literature at schools with the non-Kazakh language learning can perform the following professional activities

Education (teaching) - in general secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;

- Research (in research institutions as a junior researcher);

- Literary and artistic (literary, cultural institutions, in press);

- Organization and management (in secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, organizations that are directly related to the specialty);

- Literary consultant

Bachelor can perform the following types of professional activity on the specialty 5V011800 - Russian language and literature, 5V012200-Russian language and literature at schools with non-Russian language learning:Obrazovatelnaya (school, colleges, high schools);

Education - (school, lyceum, gymnasium);

- Experimental research (in research organizations as a junior researcher);

- Organizational - management;

- Educational and methodical;

- Training and technology;

- Creative (cultural centers, publishing houses)

Information about the improvement of professional skill of teachers:

In the first half  of the 2015-2016 academic year senior teacher  R.N.Begalieva underwent the training course in Valencia Polytechnic University (certificate number 08651272, 11.18.2015 city), senior teacher A.S.Pazylovav  in "Orleu" (certificate number 0128052 , 07.11.2015 g).

In 2015, the main part of the teaching staff of the department have been trained  at the courses of improvement of the Republic of Kazakhstan universities teachers professional skills. D.N.Baygutova, A.M.Baygutova, M.S.Syzdykova, Zh.N.Moldanova, A.G.Kurbanov, U.Zh.Kairbekova, K.A.Ukibasova, M.M.Utembaeva, A. S.Pazylova have been trained in the national center of  improvement of professional skill " Orleu " in the amount of 240 hours.

D.N.Baygutova, K.A.Ukibasova, JI Moldanova, M.S.Syzdykova, G.A.Temirbekova 16.02.2015 year. participated at the workshop "Technical development of the educational process on the basis of e-books," received the certificate.

     R.N.Begalieva and Zh.S.Ergebekova at national training courses (02.02.-03.20.2015), organized educational centers skill of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools jointly with the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, received certificates


  • Index of educational-methodical activity of the teaching staff

    In the first half of the 2015-2016 academic year  the training manuals "Workshop on the Old Slavonic language,"  by V.D.Narozhnaya,  "Methods of teaching the state language at schools with non- Kazakh language learning”by D.A.Moldalieva, instructions for the subject "Introduction to linguistics"  by U.Zh.Kayyrbekova and "Kazakh language" (for those entering a higher educational institution) by  B.K.Omar  are scheduled and published

    2014 the training manuals "Collection of tests on  Russian language"  by M.S.Syzdykova, "The collection of tests on lexicology" N.A.Sandybaeva,  "Kazakh language lessons. I part " by D.A.Moldalieva were published.

     In 2014 year  N.V.Dmitryuk, D.A.Moldalieva, V.D.Narozhnaya, Zh.I.Moldanova, E.S.Mezentseva, N.A.Sandybaeva within MES Project have published "Kazakh associative dictionary".

    In  2015 year  the workbook "Collection of exercises on the syntax of modern Kazakh language" by  A.S.Pazylova, textbook "Professional Kazakh language" (for specialty  of portray arts) by  A.M.Baygutova, G.U.Tanabaev , textbook "Russian language for the specialties of  geography faculty" by M.M.Utembaeva, textbook "Russian language for the pedagogical specialties "by  G.A.Temirbekova, textbook "Kazakh language lessons. Part II" by D.A.Moldalieva , textbook "Practical work on the historical grammar of Russian language" by V.D.Narozhnaya,  the monograph "Literary and linguistic creativity book poets" by Zh.S.Ergobekova, collection of lectures on the subject "General linguistics"by K.A.Ukibasova  were published.