Anarbaev Kairat


Anarbaev Kairat

Academic degree, rank, position: Candidate of Science /History/

Theme of the Candidate dissertation: «Problems of a history medieval komans and kipchaks (By the material of the "Codex Cumanicus")»

Location, year of thesis defence, specialty code: Almaty, Sh.Valikhanov History and Ethnology Institute, 07.00.09 – Historiography, Source Studies and Methods of Historical Research and 07.00.02 - Domestic History (History of Republic of Kazakhstan)

Achievements: contractor in research projects MESRK, member of the Commission for the examination of religious literature in the Department of internal policy and religious affairs of SKR, holder of the commemorative medal «SKPU-20 years»

Teaching discipline: Political Science, Political History of Modern Kazakhstan, Social Science

Scientific direction: Domestic History, Historiography, Source studies and Methods of historical research