National rating of Kazakhstan universities – 2018


National rating of Kazakhstan universities – 2018


The national rating of higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2018 "took the sixth place in the rating of institutional (main) universities of the educational programs of the educational program SKSPY took the 6th place

The first three included the following specialties, which received prizes in the educational programs of higher educational institutions in terms of level and training of specialists:


1.5В012500 Chemistry-Biology   1-place


2.5B012600   Maths- physics  1-place


3.5B012700 Mathematics-Informatics1-place


4.5B012900 Geography – History1-place


5.5B013000 History - Religious Studies1-place


6.5B012800 Physics-Informatics       2-place


7.5B010600 Fine Arts and Drawing     2-place


8.5B012100 Kazakh language and literature in non-Kazakh language schools  2-place


9.5B012200 Russian language and literature in non-Russian schools   3-place


10.5B012300 Social pedagogy and self-knowledge   3-place


11.5B010600 Musical education   3-place