Seminar «The problems of teaching English »


Seminar «The problems of teaching English »

Was held  at the South Kazakhstan state pedagogical Institute in Shymkent by the staff of the Foreign language department of the Foreign language and preparatory faculty with the aim of exchanging of experience and methods of teaching foreign languages among the teachers of higher and secondary schools on the 6-th of April,2017.

  The seminar was began by the speech of the Dean of faculty, PhD. Meirbekov A.K. and by the chief of department , c.p.s. Smanova G.L.

The report «The problems of teaching English» was conducted and presented by the visiting-professor from Germany, Doctor W.Frizen.

  • teachers and students took part at the discussions:

1. «Mastering English - the guarantee of our future» - Abdikerim S., the teacher of school № 38.

2.«Trinity of languages – the way to the greatest aim» -  Mahanova Zh., -the teacher of school № 89.

3. «Unity of languages –unity of people » - Atem G.–the student of the group № 119 – 23.

4. «The advantages of critical thinking methods » - Kunanbayeva S.–the  student of the group №119-25.

  1. The problems of three lingual teaching at the higher schools» - Mussabekova A.A. –the master-teacher of SKSPI.

The teachers discussed the above mentioned themes, for example:

Mahanova Zh., Chunetova N., school № 89,Abdikerim S.- Абдикерим С., school № 38, Izbassova Y.S.– supervisor of SKSU, Abdualieva A.B.,Kiyakbay N.B., Arystanova R. –school-gymnazium №8, Kuzembayeva G.A.-school № 94, Barzhaksieva G. –school № 50, Zhunusova G.M.–school № 69, Mussayeva G.S.,Balhybekova G.Z.- school № 38. The teachers of primary school Mahanova Zh., Chunetova N. told about advantages and disadvantages of teaching English at the primary school. Barzhaksieva G. told about the intersubject communication in teaching foreign languages and about her aim to get the second higher education on Physics to use CLIL methods.

Cultural part:

The scene «The show must go on» was presented by the students of the group №119-84.

The poem «Wait for me» in Russian was read by the student of the group №119-86 - Mamedova Z.

The poem of Kipling was read by the student of the group №119-36- Suleymenova A.

The chief of the educational administration, candidate of Physics-Math sciences Berdaliev D.T. finished with his speech that seminar.

At the end of the seminar the Dean of the faculty handed the certificates for the participants.