Mission and strategic aims of the University

Mission and strategic goals of the University

Strategic objective

University mission - improving the quality of human capital based on the best practices in education .

The strategic goal is to become an educational and scientific hub of a new format.

            Strategic directions (SD) and strategic objectives (SO):

1.1 SD: provision of quality educational services and training of competitive professional staff

1.1 SD: training of professional staff to meet the needs of the emerging domestic market and international standards and requirements

 2.2 SD: scientific support of economy and socio-priority sectors of the region and the country

2.1 SC: achievement of competitiveness and demand for knowledge and innovative educational technologies of the Institute based on fundamental research for sustainable innovative development of the region and the country

 3.3 SD: creating the conditions for the formation of a specialist of the qualities of a citizen and patriot, the personality, the creative historical process and able to develop its relevance as the most important characteristics of human capital

3.1 SD: education of a confident and competitive personality of a citizen and a patriot with professional and social competence.


            Strategic objectives (SO)

1.1.1 SO: improvement of professional training programs that provide training of highly qualified, competitive personnel for the region and the country as a whole.

1.1.2 SO: strengthening the human resources of the Institute by defending theses, retraining and advanced training.

1.1.3 SO: development of material and technical base of the University.

1.1.4 SO: use of modern mechanisms of quality control of educational services.

1.1.5 SO: training in accordance with the requirements of the UNESCO Lisbon Convention and the Bologna process.

1.1.6 SO: realization of unity of education, science, production.

2.1.1 SO: development of modern scientific infrastructure.

2.1.2 SO: advanced training of scientific personnel.

2.1.3 SO: improving the quality of scientific research.

2.1.4 SO: provision of scientific workers information resources.

3.1.1SO: support for student participation in internal and external youth organizations.

3.1.2 SO: preparing students for an active social life and improving their social competence.

3.1.3 SO: quality assurance of social risk mitigation measures.