Educational work

        1.11.2018. As part of the modernization of public consciousness, an event was held on the theme "today's girl – tomorrows daughter-in-low". The event was attended by Chairman of the Board of the grandmother of Abay district of Shymkent Hamitbekova Bibifatima Sultanbekovna, "Asil əzheler" microdistrict Kazygurt.

2.11.2018 for students of 1-4 courses chief epidemiologist "Center for prevention and control of AIDS" of the Department of health of the city of Shymkent U.S. Baidildaeva and doctor of the city drug rehabilitation center Baimuradova A.E. held an educational event on the theme "No drugs", "Healthy lifestyle".


5.11.2018. 119-78 mentor group of foreign languages T. M. Abdualiyev organized cultural tours to Turkestan.

30.11.2018 Among teachers and students of the Department of English philological faculty held a discussion on "Educated youth-Future of the nation".


20.02.2019 . students 119-26, 119-17 Chairman of the inter-ethnic cultural Association "Yntymak" tulepova Gauhar Ualihanova and Chairman of the Scientific-expert Committee of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, associate Professor, with the participation of Kurganovo Saiypjamal Sultanovna was held a round table on the topic "Behavior of girls  – behavior of nation".

27.02.2009 within the decade STAR WEEK – 2019 the Department of English language took part in the concert event of the philological faculty "Youth-the future of the country".

Students of the group 119-17, 119-27 of the Department "English language" took part in the "Festival of English drama youth -2019" and won the Grand Prix.

307 headquarters building under the leadership of the head of the center for Brighter future UKGU Anarbaev Kairat Saparkhanovich the representatives of the Agency for religious Affairs of Shymkent on the theme "Religion and society" was held a seminar.

Student of the group 119-27 «Friendship of peoples CUP 2019» in the International debate tournament, Shymkent 2019

30.04.2019. Three heroes of the nation-S.Seyfullina, I. Zhansugurov, B.Mailin. In the within the events dedicated to the 125th anniversary, in the regional Museum hosted an evening of repressed memory.

The South Kazakhstan newspaper published an article " Білім жіне таным көкжиегін кеңейтіп қайттық "


For students of groups 119-16, 119-17, on the 20th of February, R.D. Jekebaeva organized a roundtable discussion on the theme "Girl upbringing - national education" with the participation of the chairman of the interethnic association "Yntymak" Gauhar Valikhanovna Tolepova and chair of the scientific and expert commission of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, associate professor, candidate of philological sciences S.S. Korganova.


The student of group 119-86 Diana Sadvakassova

"Vice Miss - 2016"

22. 09. 2016

"Language is the friendship of peoples"

Solemn evening

Participation in a marathon​


18. 11. 2016

Jack London's 140th Birthday

Scenic presentation

Achievements of the faculty​






Achievements of the faculty





• research materials, basic principles

Head L.V. Turginbaeva.


The event dedicated to the topic "“Жарқыра жайна Қазақстан " at the Department of Foreign Languages ”​