ANCIENT WORLD OF THE SOUTH KAZAKHSTAN works by contemporary artists


International symposium of teachers-artists titled "THE TRIBUTE TO THE GREAT STEPPE", was held in Shymkent. It was dedicated to the 25th ANNIVERSARY OF INDEPENDENCE OF KAZAKHSTAN REPUBLIC.

It was organized by the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute and by the akimat of the South Kazakhstan region

The symposium was organized with the purpose of sharing the results of research work on topical problems of teaching art . Research is mainly, conducted by university lecturers, tutors, doctoral students and undergraduates, teachers, artists, and teachers of fine arts in high schools.

However, the 15 participants from different parts of the country brought their creative works. The event was also attended by artists from Turkey and China.  The fine arts teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates visited the city of Turkestan; and it was a part of the Symposium activities.

The South autumn weather met the guests with the pouring rain However, being in love with their work, the artists painted and worked in the rain. They used  canvas, oil paint, watercolors and gouache. Masters of fine arts painted in mausoleums of A.Yassavi and Arystan Baba, in the ancient cities Sauran and Otyrar.   Their works reflected their love to the motherland, to the native land, to the boundless steppes.

The results of the international Symposium of artists-teachers were summed in the Shymkent Museum of Fine Arts.  Winners were awarded with gifts and cash rewards.