Baydosova Aziz Abutalievna

1 Name: Baydosova Aziz Abutalievna

2 Education: -MKTU them. A.Yasaui (1995), specialty - teacher of chemistry and biology; scientific and academic degree - I do not have; It is the highest professional qualification of a teacher; Disciplines - therapeutic physical training, anatomy and basics of sports morphology; While working in this institution - 10 years

3 Academic experience: the previous place of work in the organizations of education - a teacher of chemistry at school, taught distsipliny- chemistry, biology; full employment

4 non-academic experience: I have no

5 Certificate / to raise the professional qualifications certificates: Certificate course of the seminar "E-government and e-services", 2011; Certificate of participation Respublikantskoy scientific-practical conference, 2012; Certificate of participation of the international scientific-practical conference, 2014; Certificate of advanced training courses of teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the program "development of leading", 2014.

6 Membership in professional organizations: Member of the party "Nur Otan"

7 Awards: thank you letter rector YUKGPI, 2012

8 Activity in the services sector: none.

9 Most publications and presentations over the past five years:

1. Halyk pedagogikasyndaғy қazaқtyң Ulttyk oyyndary. Gylym changed bіlіmdegі innovatsiyalyқ damudyң mәselelerі- problems of innovative development of science and education. -Shymkent, 2010.-120b.

2. Dene shynyқtyru biomehanikasy. Әdіstemelіk nұsқau. -Shymkent, AIU, 2010.- 50 b.

3. Emdіk Dene mәdenietі. Oқu құraly. -Shymkent, AIU, 2010.- 90 b.

4. Sports fiziologiyasy. Lektsiyalar zhinaғy. -Shymkent, AIU, 2010.- 100 b.

10 A brief summary of the new professional development activities, the authorship or co-authorship in scientific and development activities - have not.