Baidossova Aziza Abutalievna


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Baydosova Aziza Abutalievna

Contact details


Tel.: 8-702-551-86-10

Scientific degree, scientific school:

Regional Social and Innovation University, Master of Pedagogy and Psychology 6M010333

Research interests: Innovative processes in the field of pedagogy, physical culture and sports
Education: Anatomy, the basics of sports morphology

- Physiological bases of physical culture and sports

- Therapeutic physical culture, massage

- Hygiene of physical culture and sports

- School physiology and school hygiene

Courses taught:

Examination of scientific projects, programs, etc.

Shymkent branch of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Kh.A.Iassawi, specialty:

Chemistry - Biology teacher, graduated 1995,

2.Syrdarya University, specialty:

Physical Education and Sports, graduating in 2018

3.Aregional Social and Innovative University, Master of Pedagogy and Psychology 6M010333

Professional experience:

Professional experience - 25 years

Scientific and pedagogical experience - 14 years.

By 2020 - to present Senior Lecturer of the Department of Physical Training and Basic Military Training, SKSPU;

2013-2015. - senior teacher, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute;

2015-2020 - Senior Lecturer, South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University.



Publications (favorites):

-Features of pedagogical skills in education International scientific-practical conference "The combination of science, education and practice", dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the International Humanitarian and Technical University. Shymkent 2015.
- Case of Inclusive Education in Domestic Secondary Schools MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENTIFIC EDITION. INTERNATIONAL A

CADEMY JOUNAL. Wedof Scholar

ISSN 2518-167X

- Physiological bases of improvement of physical qualities The Bulletin of SKSPI 80 years
- Pedagogical Issues for the Formation of Future Teacher Professional Competence. International Scientific and Practical Conference '' WORLD SCIENCE '' №6 (22), Vol. 4, June 2017. of Science and Education '' (May 31, 2017, Dubai, UAE) (RINЦ)
- Formation of motivation for the sports and sports skills of the sports school Science and Life

Kazakhstan South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University

№2 2020 International Magazine

ISSN January 2073-333X

Further training, internships:

Professional development course Orleu National Center for Professional Development 260 s in Almaty 2013 year The course of professional development in the Tajik Pedagogical Institute Pendency 2015s 72s Course Orleu National Center for Professional Development 260 s in Almaty 2018