Shekerbek Saken Kurmangazyuly

1. Name Surname: Shekerbek Saken Kurmangazyuly

2. Education: South Kazakhstan's state pedagogical institute (2010)

    University SyrDarya (2016 )

3. Academic awarded: Master teacher

4. Academic Training: 2 years

5. No academic practice: No

6. Remuneration and proposals for prizes: a letter of thanks for active participation in the passage of the Accreditation Institute

7. Publishing over the past five years, and the name of the presentation, the joint authors where released or where saddles presentations, the release date of the presentations:

-1. Sport - the basis of the formation of personality. "Expo 2017: the future of the development of the information society" Bektayev readings - 2 of the international scientific and practical conference materials, SKSPI, Shymkent, 2016.

-2 The use of physical elements of the game in the process of national significance. 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate "Eternal Nation Kazakh Khanate idea: the lessons of history and the fate of" earn-practical conference material in international talent, SKSPI,

Shymkent, 2015.

-3 Interethnic tolerance as the most important component of patriotic education of students. Kazakh Khanate in the 550-year anniversary of the "students able to update the content of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan patriotism and citizenship," Republican scientific-practical conference "Renaissance" National Center for Professional Development "Branch, Almaty 20.11.2015.

9. New professional, practical constructive program, research and scientific development of constructive program or professional development of authors and co-authors: no.