Turbekova Ulbala Uisbekovna-Chief Accountant

Reporting (Accounting) Department

Reporting (Accounting) Department has been functioning as an independent structural unit of the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute from July 1, 2011

Functions of the Department:

1. Making accounts and obligations of economic and financial transactions in accordance with the Standards of International financial report;

2. Preparing samples of documents on the basis of Standards;

3. Establishing  the full information about business processes and business results of the Institute;

4. Controls the material, labor, financial use of Property in accordance with established Rules, Regulations and Estimates;

5. Counts and transfers taxes to the republican and local budgets, and prepare declaration reflecting the taxes;

6. Holds analytical and synthetic accounting of financial and economic activities of the Institute;

7. Maintains records of main and circulation funds, monetary funds of the Institute, execution flow of funds;

8.Сonducts timely inventory records of money resources and material value;

9. Protects the interests of the Institute of the relevant authorities involved in the accounting, reporting and financial control; 

Staff of Reporting (Accounting) Department

1.      Turbekova Ulbala Uisbekovna  - chief accountant, awarded by the certificate of  “Professional Accountant” , 2014;                                                                         

 Certificate “Professional of the Year” from the National business rating, 2014;

2. Tazhitayeva Zhanna Seilovna – chief economist, Certificate “Professional of the Year” from the National business rating, 2014;

3. Beisenbekova Zhumakul Mamitbekovna - salary calculation accountant, Certificate “Professional Accountant”, 2014;

4. Abdiraimova Aknur Abdikalikkizi - salary calculation Accountant;

5. Sadibekova Aktolkin Sabirovna - calculation of the fixed assets and materials Accountant;

6. Tlegenova Aida Zhapparkulovna - calculation of student tuition fees and scholarships Accountant;

7. Zhaneshov Bekzat Maslikhatuli - calculation of student tuition fees and scholarships Accountant;

8. Murat Moldir Abilbekkizi - the responsible persons reports controlling Accountant;

9. Dzhanzhigitova Malika Duisenbekovna - Senior Specialist on the state purchases, Certificate “Professional Accountant”, 2014;

10. Moldagaliyev Bakhitzhan Pernebekovich - Specialist on the state purchases;

11. Ainabekova Ademi Abdigapbarovna - Specialist on the state purchases;

12. Toleuish Kairat Kurmanbayuli -  public Counsel for purchase;