Training methodical work

The number of textbooks and teaching AIDS issued by the Department of English in the second half of the 2018-2019 academic year – 8.

On the 30th of  January 2019, in the American Corner, in the Pushkin Library, organized by the Department of English language, a regional seminar was held on the theme "The language of three languages ​​- the country's perspective." It was attended by foreign language specialists from universities and colleges of the city.


In the 2015-2016 academic year, the teaching staff has developed and approved syllabuses  and the curriculum in accordance with the training program .

In the 2015-2016 school year edition of 5 study guides, 1 lecture digest, 2 test digests  is scheduled.

Guidance on disciplines "Artistic interpretation of a literary text " by D.A. Mutalievoy and " Specially-  oriented  learning of a foreign language" by the authors TA Ibragimova and Hamza A. are issued.

Teachers of the department attend scheduled classes and share their experience with the faculty. An open lesson was delivered by the senior faculty of T.A. Ibragimovawith the students of  the  group 119-22; the theme of the lesson was       "Man and Music".

L.V. Turginbaeva, the senior lecturer delivered a lecture "The methodology of the classroom and remote Internet -lesson " at the methodological seminar..


Issued training manuals and lecture collections of  the  teachears​


Demonstrative lessons of the teachers​


L.V. Turginbaeyva, the senior lecturer delivered a lecture "The methodology of the classroom and remote Internet -lesson " at the methodological seminar.


Department of foreign languages and training courses

The Department of foreign languages and training courses is a leader in the South Kazakhstan area on training of highly professional teachers for preschool, primary and secondary education in the specialty "A foreign language: Two foreign languages".

The department of foreign languages and training courses is aimed at the achievement of a main goal of pedagogical higher education institution, it is practical and theoretical training of students, and is based on the best achievements of domestic and foreign techniques. Skilled teachers of department demonstrate a high quality of teaching English as the first and German as the second foreign language.

There are 24 teachers in the staff of the department,   1PhD, 8 candidates of sciences, 5 senior teachers, 10 masters. Many teachers of the department had a scientific internships in prestigious foreign universities among which the University of Cambridge (Great Britain), Oslo University (Norway), Oregon University (USA), Goettingen University (Germany), Lyyutsen Universitet (Switzerland), Library of the Congress of the USA, School of computer technology (Manhattan, New York, the USA).

Scientific research work of the Department is fulfilled according to the annual plan approved at the meeting. Every teacher plans the volume and specifics of research actions and specifies them in the individual plan. The actions accomplished according to the plan are discussed at the Department meetings and recorded. It should be noted that the practical importance of the research work of teachers is the highest as their results are included often into the category of innovative and plays not an unimportant role in the practical process of training of students.

Every month at the Department the scientific and methodical seminars on topical issues of Linguistics and teaching technique are held.

For the purpose of implementation of State research programs the Department actively work at the project named "Peculiarities of Dictionary Creation of the Professional Oriented Terms in the conditions of Multilingualism"

The department conducts an active work with students of faculty, from the first year, involving them in scientific activities, in participation in students' scientific society of the  institute, in student's scientific conferences.

Teachers of the Department actively participate in scientific and methodical conferences, and also publish their papers in other International, Republican scientific journals. During the last 2015-16 academic year teachers of the Department published 70 articles: in the peer-reviewed journals – 7 articles; other scientific journals – 13 and 50 articles were published in the materials of the International and Republic conferences.

Seminar: «The reflection of gender types in the language and culture» 

Senior teachers of Foreign Languages Department at skill upgrading «English teacher   professional courses» Almaty