Philological scientific school

Chair of Foreign languages

Smanova Gaziza Ileskhanovna,

Head of the English Philology Chair, Candidate of Pedagogical science

History of the Chair of Foreign languages begins from 1994. Scholars such as R.S. Kratzev, R.V. Steliye, V.G. Lobin, Zh. Tungatarov, N. Avazbaev, A.N. Yatsuhin, V.A. Redkin worked in the Chair.

In the 2012-2013 academic years, the Head of the Chair was the candidate of Philological science G.I. Abramova, from 2013 year the Head of the Chair became the candidate of Pedagogical science Smanova G.I.

The Chair include 1 PhD, 4 Associate Professor, 3 candidates of Pedagogical science, 5 Candidates of Philological science, 9 teachers with Master degree, 5 senior lecturers.

The Chair of Foreign languages releases teachers with profession 5B011900 - Foreign language: two foreign languages​​.

Future work place of graduates in specialty:

- In secondary schools - secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;

- In scientific research centers (junior researcher);

- In the English language courses

- As a translator

  Staff of the department provides an opportunity for students to learn a foreign language comprehensively combining theory with practice. Teaching staff of the  Chair held training courses, exchange experiences with colleagues from abroad to promote scientific training and creative work. For example, A.Abdukarimova (Erfurt, Germany), A.Tadzhibaeva (Oslo, Norway), A.Dildabekova (England, Newcastle).

Teaching staff


Teaching staff celebrate National Holiday Nauryz