Regional Seminar was held In YUKGPI!


Regional Seminar was held In YUKGPI!

The  South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute held a regional seminar on "The specialized examination for the future teachers and SKSPI graduates employment” on  April 27 at 11-00 a.m. aiming to strengthen the links of  universities and secondary schools and to discuss the employment issue of the Institute graduates.

The discussed topics in the seminar were first: to provide for the employment of young professionals and second, promote a positive solution of the problem is widely discussed at this seminar. The main objective of the meeting of regional leaders, urban, regional departments of education – is to analyze the achievements and shortcomings in the training of future teachers, further development work on the improvement of the education system of the country and the strengthening of ties of schools and higher education institutions, to find ways of the effective employment of young specialists.

550 full-time graduates, 371 correspondence and distant learning graduates, total number of graduates completing their training in the 2015-2016 academic year In 23 specialties is 921. 154 full-time students were supported by the rural quota, 110 students are already employed. Some graduates have mastered the specialty of physics, mathematics, chemistry, psychology, methodology of elementary education in three languages, and they are employed by 100%.