Batyrhanova Zhanat Tilektesovna

1. Full name: Batyrhanova Zhanat Tilektesovna

2. Education: higher, taught disciplines:  "Bases of speech therapy", time of work in this institution of higher learning - began this year.

3. Academic experience: Shymkentskaya municipal policlinic №1

4. Unacademic experience: I do not have

5. Professional qualification certificate ID / that shows the life of the lift, or professional register:  Certificates of in-plant training : "Diagnostics and correction of stammer" 03.05.2015.

6.Chlenstvo professional organizations: it is absent

7.Nagrady and gifts: GU "ShVShI" 2005

8.Sfera services: No

9. The most important publications in the last year: за последние пять лет–название, соавторы (если имеются), где издано и/или презентовано, дата публикации или презентации:

 «Дефектология» журнал, статья «Развитие речи» 2009 г, «Аман бол» газета Статья предупреждения заикания 2014 год.

10.Nauchnoy or experimental work: Short  enumeration of new professional, опытно-конструкторских developments, authorship or co-authorship, in scientific or опытно-конструкторских developments is a manual of "Саусақ жаттығулары" 2015 year.

11. Described in the summary if there are more important things: No