Sartaeva Halima Mamajanova

Sartaeva Halima Mamajanova works in South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute since 1988, and in 2001 she successfully defended her thesis for the scientific degree of candidate Biological Sciences on specialty 030008-zoology at the Institute of Zoology of MES RK in Almaty. Sartaeva Halima Mamajanova is the only scientific specialist on batrahofauna and herpetofauna in South Kazakhstan region.

            By the decision  of the Supreme Attestation Committee on supervision and certification of the Ministry of Education and Science dated 3 November 2006 (Minutes №12) Sartaeva Halima Mamadzhanovne was awarded  with the scientific title of docent.

            Sartaeva H.M.  became the owner of the state grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK  "The best teacher of the university" for her high professionalism and scientific activities in 2007 and 2011.  In 2009, for many years of fruitful work and high achievements in the field of Education and Science Sartaeva H.M. was awarded with diploma of the South Kazakhstan regional maslikhat.

            H.M. Sartaeva’s scientific and pedagogical experience  is about 30 years. She has issued 205 scientific and methodical works, including 3 monographs, 45  manuals, 145 scientific research articles published in Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, China, Germany, CIS countries and 12 multimedia electronic manuals created on the latest programming languages of Macromedia Flach, Deiphi, HTML, Visual Basic. She is the author of specialized courses on herpetology, ornithology, taxidermy, animal ecology, etc. of the biology and ecology specialties of bachelor’s and master’s   degrees.

            Her scientific activity is  devoted to the study of geographical distribution, the definition of a systematic and reproductive situation of amphibians and reptiles of southern Kazakhstan. She has drawn up the cadaster and identified the morphometric features of the dominant species of amphibians and reptiles of Southern Kazakhstan. Development of nuclear energy will contribute to ensuring energy security of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the attainment of which in the long term is impossible without the diversification of energy production. Today the energy is the most important driving force of  the world progress. Development of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan will allow to solve the problem of power supply in full industrial and civil objects in the southern region. Uranium ore is placed and successfully developed as a source of "fuel" for the atomic power stations in the South Kazakhstan region. One of the directions of scientific activities of Sartaeva H.M.  is devoted to  these problems. For mining uranium  is used a modern, progressive and ecologically safe technology, which is not a threat to both people and the environment.

            In 2009, H.M Sartaeva led scientific management of the scientific project "Development of a comprehensive system environmental education in the uranium mining enterprises of Kazatomprom (Decision №49-09. On procurement of works of price proposal query). As a result of research extensive work to ascertain the environmental impact of NAC "Kazatomprom" on the environment was carried out. She  developed a comprehensive program of environmental education, created a model of ecological education and training of various strata of the population living in the uranium mining areas. H.M. Sartaeva created a computer data bank in the field of radiology. A huge scientific work on the propaganda in the field of ecology of knowledge environment, and the role and importance of nuclear energy in sustainable development of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held by her.

             In April 28, 2011  H.M. Sartaeva has become the owner of a diploma of the correspondent member of the International Academy of Sciences and Ecology and Life safety to the United Nations (MANEB-Petersburg) for her outstanding achievements in the field of ecology and environmental protection.

During the 2012-2014 years Sartaeva H.M. was the scientific leader  of the research project "Investigation of the impact of uranium mining companies on the environment," according to the grant funding of the Ministry of Education and Science. The purpose of this project was conducting radiation monitoring of the dispersion of radionuclides in the mining and enrichment of uranium ores. The result of technological research revealed area  in SKO nearby to the uranium mining companies: efficient methods and technologies to improve the habitat of animals and plants were  designed : defined sustainable bio-indicators for radiation pollution: developed marketing system and innovative management of ecological and educational services and educational products for the protection and defense of the population from radiation: created radioecological-training center, equipped with a very necessary materials on protection of population from radiation.

            In 2013 Sartaeva H.M. awarded with the medal "For contribution to the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan" for her scientific achievements. In 2016, with the decision of the Academic Council of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover) Sartaeva H.M. awarded  with the medal Gotfilda Wilhelm Leibniz for her special work in scientific research.