Nurmukhanbetova Gulira

1 Name: Nurmukhanbetova Gulira

2 Education: Graduate Degree, mathematician, КazGU named by S.Kirov (in 1980), a candidate of pedagogicals sciences (in 2003), associate professor (in 2011).

Teaching subjects: informatics, methodology of teaching informatics, programming, system programming.

Since 01.09.2014 she is working at the South-Kazakhstan state pedagogical institute, associate professor of department of "Informatics".

3. Academical experiences: Developer of the computing center ON "Кызыл-Ту" Almaty (1980-1983), MNF, SNA in economic contracts research laboratories of "Machine translation" of Shymkent pedagogical institute (1983-1987), teacher of department of "Algebra, calculable mathematics" in Pedagogical Institute of Chimkent (1987-1996). From 1996 to 2007 worked on the department of "Informatics" in International Kazakh Turkish University name Yassaui, 2007-2010y senior teacher of department "Programming and W", 2010-2011гг worked manager by a department "Programming and W" in АИУ, 2011-2014гг worked manager by the department of " informatics and mathematician" in IKTU, from September 2014года associate professor of department of "Informatics" ЮКГПИ

4 Non academical experiences: director of the education center  LLP "KAZTIL-DAMU" with 2014г

5 Certificates or professional registration:

 - Certification at in-plant training by the organized educational center "Algorithm", Minsk, 1983y

- Certification about the study of course "Turkish", .IKTU, Shymkent, 1994

- Certificate about in-plant training of 2012ж by the mordovian university "Management of higher school" Russia

Professional Affiliations: Member of the Trade Union of Education of Kazakhstan.

6 Member of professional organizations: a member of  the trade union of workers of education in the RK.

7 Awards and premiums: - winner of the grant "The best teacher of the university RK", 2008

8 Working in the sphere of services: doesn’t work.

  1. The most important publications and presentations for the last five years: 15
  1. Nurmuhanbetova GK Preparation of the Olympiad in Informatics. Textbook. Shymkent. Name Nice Yassawi  HGTU, 2009н
  2. Nurmuhanbetova GK Methods of training along students for the Olympic programming. Materials of the international scientific-practical conference XGTW. Shymkent, 2011.
  3. Nurmuhanbetova GK, Ibasheva AB, Medetov MK Development and usage of electronic wçebnïka Informatics System with the help of means of creation teaching LCDS / Materials International Scientific and Practical Conference "Mathematical and natural scientific education and Informatization", MGPW. -Moskva, 2012. - S.81-83.

10 Short list of new professional, experimental-designed elaborations, authorship or co-authorship in the scientific or in experimental-designed elaborations:

Scientific leader of financed scientific project of "Shymkent innovation"  in 2014 on the theme  «Thanks educational center on studying of the Kazakh language, computer science and other school subjects».