Sarsenbieva Nagima Fayzullaevna

1 Name: Sarsenbieva Nagima Fayzullaevna

2 Education: high, mathematic, КazSU named by S.Kirov (in 1982), a candidate of Economic Sciences (in 2002), a docent (in 2010).

Teaching subjects: information systems; operation research;computing systems, networks and telecommunications; protection of computer information; cryptography, programming.

Since 2011 the associate professor of "Information scientist" works at the Southern Kazakhstan state teacher training college.

3Academic experience: The refeeder of chair "Geometry and a technique of teaching the mathematician" at the Chimkent teacher training college and the senior lecturer of Informatika chair the International Kazakh-Turkish university (1982-2002). From 2002 to 2011 it was transferred to Economic Theory chair of MKTU of H.A.Yasavi. Since 2011 to the present works as the associate professor of "Information scientist" of the Southern Kazakhstan state teacher training college.

4. Non-academic experience: -

5. Certificates or professional registration: The certificate No. 325 on a distance learning course, tutors. (2009) of  YKGU, Shymkent; Svitelstvo about accreditation. 28.12.2012g. Astana. Certificate "Wakefield Inspection Kazakhstan Ltd at the rate: "Training of internal auditors of Quality management system on the basis of requirements of MS of ISO 9001:2008 and MS of ISO 19011:2002". Shymkent, 2011., MAUN RK'S Certificate "A master class on preparation of demands and a razbyasneniye of competitive documentation", Shymkent 2014.7                                      

6. Member of professional organizations: party member of NUROTAN, member of labor union of SKPI

7. Awards and premiums: -

8. Working in the sphere of services: doesn’t work.

              9 The most important publications and presentations for the last five years: 6

1. Sarsenbiyeva N. F. Soremennaya system and features of information and consulting providing agrarian and industrial complex of Kazakhstan. Magazine Actual problems of modern science No. 3, 2009 of of Page 27-32. Moscow. 2009 РИНЦ-0,006 impakt-factor

2. "Monitoring of need of rural producers for information consulting services of the Republic of Kazakhstan". Graduate student and competitor. - Page 16-19 No. 5. G. Moskva. 2010 РИНЦ--0,002 impakt-factor

3. "Methodological bases of formation of information and consulting service in     To the Republic of Kazakhstan". Moscow. Magazine. Modern humanitarian researches. Page 25-No. 529. 2010 РИНЦ-0,003 impakt-factor

            4. Sarsenbiyeva N. F., Myrzakhmetova B. Sh., Adylbekov E.T. "A current state of profile training in the Republic of Kazakhstan" the Europen Applied Sciences No. 2 Magazine. Germany, 2013.

             5. Sarsenbiyeva N. F., Myrzakhmetova B. Sh., Adylbekov E.T. "Innovative and modern technologies in an education system" the II international scientific and practical conference. Czechoslovakia, Prague. 2013.

6. Sarsenbiyeva N. F., Myrzakhmetova B. Sh., Adylbekov E.T. ХІ international scientific and practical conference "New Pedagogical Tekhnolgiya". Moscow. 2013.

10 Short list of new professional, experimental-designed elaborations, authorship or co-authorship in the scientific or in experimental-designed elaborations:

The research supervisor of the RK MAUN scientific project for 2015-2017 on the subject "Formation and Development of Information and Consulting Service Agrarian and Industrial Complex".