Kadirbaeva Roza Iztleuovna.

1 name: Kadirbaeva Roza Iztleuovna.

2 Education: Higher, mathematician, Kazakh State University named after S.m.Kirov(1983), candidate of pedagogical Sciences (1996), Assistant Professor (2002), doctor of pedagogical Sciences 201 (2), disciplines: innovation  technologies in teaching computer science, methods of teaching computer science. the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute from 2014 onwards.

3 academic experience: The Dzhezkazgan Institute (1983-1990), Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named after m. Auezova (1990-1995), the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after J. A. Yasavi (1995-2013), the National Center for the development of "orleu" Institute of improvement of professional skill of pedagogical workers of the South-Kazakhstan region (2013-2014) with 2014year-present Associate Professor, Department of computer science "ÛKGPI".

4 An experience: No

5 the certificate or professional registration:

   2014year course "distance education: the school tutors." SOUTH of m. Auezov (36 hs);

6 membership in professional organizations: Memberthe Trade Union of workers in education.

7 Awards and prizes: badge "for merits in development of science»

8 Activity in the services sector: I do not work.

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

1 Kadirbaeva R.I. the training of future teachers of computer science.//search scientific journal-Shymkent, 2012-N 3-6 b. 131-139.

2 Kadirbaeva R.I. mұġalìmderdì oķušylardy็ šyġarmašylyķ Bolashak ķabìletìn damytuġa kàsìbi daârlau: teoriâsy and praktikasy.-Monograph.Tyrkestan:ICGSthem.A. Yasevi, 2013.-319with.

3 Kadirbaev R.I. educational technology as a way to implement the learning process.//scientific-methodical and theoretical journal "Sphere."-2013.-N 1. C. 93-96.

4 Kadirbaeva R.I. Methods of using modern teaching technologies in development of pupils ' creative abilities.//Magazine «Science» Prospects -2013.-N 3, p. 179-183.

5 Kadirbaeva R.I., Nyshanova S.T., Berkìnbaev K.M., Erkibaeva G.g.Pedagogical bases of professional training of future teachers, mathematicians to development of pupils ' creative abilities // Life Science Journal 2013.-Vol.10 (8s)Impact Factor_2012: 0.165 (journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters SSR_2012: 0.13 (Scopus)).-P. 421-425.

6 Kadirbaeva R., Sazabaeva a. Digital effective use of educational resources and processes other. competitive science: the future of the human, materials of the international scientifically-practical Conference. May, 2014. the city of Aktobe b. 55-61.

10 A brief listing of new professional, experimental-design developments, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental-design developments:

2010 year. quantitative methods (program ) Committee on the rights of the intellectual property of MJ of RK svidedel′stvo, no. 862 on 13.05.2010 g. (co-author AdylbekovaT.E.)