Myrzahmetova Bayan Shalataevna

1 name: Myrzahmetova Bayan Shalataevna

2 Education: Higher, mathematician, math teacher, Kazakh State University named after s. Kirov (1985-1990),candidate of technical sciences (2004).

Educated  discipline: programming, object-oriented programming, and computer graphics.

With the 2011 has been working in the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute: 2011-2012. Senior Lecturer; from 2012, the manager of Department of computer science.

3 Academic experience: KazHTI (1990-1998); International Kazakh-Turkish University named after J. A. Yasavi (2000-2009), Academic innovation University (2009-2011).

4 Unacademic experience: -

5 the certificate or professional registration:

1. A seminar sponsored by the Ministry of communications and information of Kazakhstan on "e-Government and e-services.", no. 19/09/2011-EG11 57459

2. Certificate party Republican scientific-practical conference « The formation of multi-lingual education on the basis of competitive"in.Shymkent, 19-20 October, 2012.

3. Certificate party Third international scientific-practical conference « Innovation and advanced technology in education"in.Prague, 20-21 February, 2013.

4. Accreditation certificate. Astana, 11.03.2013 g. MONRK # 003295.

5. Certificate party international scientific-practical conference « Read-Bektaevskie-1"in.Shymkent, 06.02.2014 g.

6. Certificate-ICAAM 2014 second international conf the range of analysis and applied mathematics6 on 11-13 september, 2014, m. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.

7. Certificate of "master class on preparing application and understanding of the competitive documentation» Ministry of education and science of the RK National Center of State scientific and technical expertise, Shymkent, 2014.

8. Certificate-"round" yessengaliyeva Matematika seminar-lecture d.SC., Professor, State University of Togliatti of RUSSIA R.a. Ateevoj, Shymkent, 2014.

6 membership in professional organizations: Memberparty NUROTAN,member freeUnion ÛKGPI.

7 awards and prizes: -

8 services: I do not work.

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

1.Myrzahmetova M, Bekmoldaeva R. Working On Delphi with the technologies of data analysis.Almaty, Search, 2010, no. 2

2.Adylbekova T.E.,  Myrzahmetova, The JavaScript language and its opportunities other.Shymkent, the Outstanding scientific» 2011 No. 2

3.Sarsenbieva N.F, Myrzahmetova M, Adylbekova T.E "State-of-the-art professional training in the Republic of Kazakhstan" journal "Europen Applied Sciences" # 2. Germany, 2013.

4.Sarsenbieva N.F, Myrzahmetova B.S. Innovative and advanced technology in education "II international scientific and practical Conference. Czechoslovakia, Prague. 2013.

5.Sarsenbieva N.F, Myrzahmetova M, Adylbekova T.E. XI international scientific-practical Conference "new pedagogical supported.", Moscow. 2013.