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1   name: Kadirbaeva Roza Iztleuovna.

2 еducation: Higher, mathematician, Kazakh State University named after S.m.Kirov(1983), candidate of pedagogical Sciences (1996), Assistant Professor (2002), doctor of pedagogical Sciences 201 (2), disciplines: innovation  technologies in teaching computer science, methods of teaching computer science. the South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute from 2014 onwards.

3 academic experience: The Dzhezkazgan Institute (1983-1990), Shymkent Pedagogical Institute named after m. Auezova (1990-1995), the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after J. A. Yasavi (1995-2013), the National Center for the development of "orleu" Institute of improvement of professional skill of pedagogical workers of the South-Kazakhstan region (2013-2014) with 2014year-present Associate Professor, Department of computer science "ÛKGPI". Since 2014 till present associate professor of "Informatics" of YuKGPI, chief of "Center of analytics of research programs". Since February, 2016 the dean of faculty of History and pedagogics.

4 An experience: No

5 the certificate or professional registration:

   2014year course "distance education: the school tutors." SOUTH of m. Auezov (36 hs);

2015 according to the "Professional Development of Teachers of Pedagogical Specialties of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of RK" program. JSC Tsentra povysheniya kvalifikatsii of teachers of "Orleu" (240 hours);

6 membership in professional organizations: Memberthe Trade Union of workers in education.

7 Awards and prizes: badge "for merits in development of science»

8 Activity in the services sector: I do not work.

9 The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:

1 Kadirbaeva R.I. the training of future teachers of computer science.//search scientific journal-Shymkent, 2012-N 3-6 b. 131-139.

2 Kadirbaeva R.I. mұġalìmderdì oķušylardy็ šyġarmašylyķ Bolashak ķabìletìn damytuġa kàsìbi daârlau: teoriâsy and praktikasy.-Monograph.Tyrkestan:ICGSthem.A. Yasevi, 2013.-319with.

3 Kadirbaev R.I. educational technology as a way to implement the learning process.//scientific-methodical and theoretical journal "Sphere."-2013.-N 1. C. 93-96.

4 Kadirbaeva R.I. Methods of using modern teaching technologies in development of pupils ' creative abilities.//Magazine «Science» Prospects -2013.-N 3, p. 179-183.

5 Kadirbaeva R.I., Nyshanova S.T., Berkìnbaev K.M., Erkibaeva G.g.Pedagogical bases of professional training of future teachers, mathematicians to development of pupils ' creative abilities // Life Science Journal 2013.-Vol.10 (8s)Impact Factor_2012: 0.165 (journal Citation Reports, Thomson Reuters SSR_2012: 0.13 (Scopus)).-P. 421-425.

6 Kadirbaeva R., Sazabaeva a. Digital effective use of educational resources and processes other. competitive science: the future of the human, materials of the international scientifically-practical Conference. May, 2014. the city of Aktobe b. 55-61.

10 A brief listing of new professional, experimental-design developments, authorship or co-authorship in scientific or experimental-design developments:

2010 year. quantitative methods (program ) Committee on the rights of the intellectual property of MJ of RK svidedel′stvo, no. 862 on 13.05.2010 g. (co-author AdylbekovaT.E.)

Abdullayev Zhazira Dayrabaevna

Deputy Dean senior lecturer, Master.

Abdullayev Zhazira Dayrabaevna in 2009 graduated from South Kazakhstan Pedagogical University in the specialty "Fine arts and drawing". Passed courses in the Institute for Advanced Studies at the National scientific and practical, educational and health center "Bobek" (Almaty, 2014.). Since 2013, she worked in SKSPI teacher of "General pedagogy". On September 1, 2015 is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of History and Pedagogy.