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  Faculty of History and Pedagogy                

Faculty of History and Pedagogy for realization of requirements of time was transformed to faculty of History and Pedagogy by the decision of Scientific council in June 15 at N. 10 and on the basis of the Order N. 1/162 of the rector of institute in . The basic point of the faculty of History and Pedagogy is “History and Pedagogy” department.  It was renamed into “History and Philology” at  two-year Teachers training Institute which was formed in November 19, 1937. In 1965 the faculty was divided into two departments: historical and philological. Further the head of the History department were I. Schetinin, R. Barlybaev, A. The selected, P. Tlepov, K. Orazov Auanasov M., K. Iztleuov, S. Abubakirov, M. Joldasov, B Isabek, BK. Saparbaev.

Currently the dean of faculty of History and Pedagogy is a Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Docent Kadirbaeva Roza Iztleuovna.

            The School consists of 4 departments: “Department of Pedagogy and psychology”, “Kazakhstan history and world history”, “Special Education”, “Department of sociological subjects”.

Faculty of History and Pedagogy trains students for the following specialties:

  • 5В012300 –  “Social pedagogy and self-knowledge”;
  • 5В011400 – “History”;
  • 5В010300 – “Pedagogy and Psychology”

         Total number of Professor staff  at faculty - 61: 10 Professors and Doctors, 31 Docents and Science Candidates, Masters of Science; Lecturers and Senior Lecturers - 20.

            For prosperities and development of faculty of History and Pedagogy make the great contribution  archaeologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A. Podushkin; Doctor of Historical Sciences, outstanding historian S. Zholdasov; Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A.Dosbenbetova; Doctor of Pedagogies, Professor  K.Karakulov; Doctor of Pedagogies, Professor L. Smanov; Doctor of Pedagogies, Professor A.B. Nurlybekova; Doctor of Pedagogies, Professor K. Karazhigitova; Candidates of Historical Sciences, Docents -  S. Abubakirov,  G. Sugirbaeva, B. Isabek, Candidate of Pedagogies K. Koyshiev.

            For education process improvement the faculty staff widely applies innovative technologies, electronic textbooks, teaching aids, study-methodical complexes. The Professor staff  take part in the work of the majority of scientific conferences in Kazakhstan, as well as the near and far abroad.