Isabekova Gulfira Eskhazievna

Full name:  Isabekova Gulfira Eskhazievna

Education: Zhytomyr State Pedagogical Institute, 1986, teacher of Russian language and literature, a senior lecturer in the Kazakh and world literature; Disciplines: "Abai", "Old Russian Lite-ture," While working in the organization: September, 1998

Academic experience: teacher of Russian language and literature in secondary school. Number 26 named. Jambul (Shymkent); Lecturer, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Russian and world literature SHO ICGS YUKGPI full employment.

Professional Affiliations: Member of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature since 2008, member of the Free Trade Union YUKGPI.

Honors and Awards: certificates (2) (2009-2013.) Alғys Hut (2) (2008 -2009).

Publications and presentations over the past 5 years: Etnospetsificheskie aspects of language and culture. // Bulletin of Kokshetau State University. Sh.Sh. Uәlihanova. - Kokshetau, 2009; Shakarim - poet, philosopher, humanist. - Shymkent-Moscow: Academy of languages ​​Kazakhstan Peoples' Friendship University, Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2009; Morality as an integral component of Kazakh proverbs. Bulletin - 2012. Scientific - Practical yearbook. - Sochi 2012; Development activities in the Russian language .// Interuniversity collection of methodical works on the problems of teaching language and literature. - Astana, 2012; Cultural identity of the Kazakh and Russian proverbs picture of the world .// Proceedings of the international scientific-practical conference "Baytanaevskie reading - 2: The prospect of scientific fields and ways of introduction of innovative technologies in the educational system." - Shymkent: Alem, 2014 .; (Co - teacher ssh.№ G.Abdullayev 50).