Makhanova Gulbanu Bisenbaevna

Full name:  Makhanova Gulbanu Bisenbaevna

Education: Chimkent Pedagogical Institute, 1989 ; Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Kazakh and world literature; Disciplines: "Russian folklore", "History of Kazakh literature", "Interactive methods of teaching literature", "History of Foreign Literature", "Fundamentals of literary translation."

While working in the organization: February 1995

Academic experience: teacher of Russian language and literature in the school gymnasium № 65 named. S. Altynsarin (Shymkent); Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor of Russian and world literature SHI ICGS YUKGPI full employment.

Certificate / certificates of professional development with the date or professional registration: Certificate of Accreditation, Astana, 10.10.2011 Series MK number 002049; National ICT Holding "E-government and e-services", Astana, 21.09.2011, Certificate number EG 11 - 24650; Courses IPKPU "Methods of electronic textbooks and interactive whiteboard in the learning process," certificate from 5.05.2011g .; courses "Formation of competitive person on the basis of polylinguism" certificate from 19-20.10.2012 city

Professional Affiliations: Member of the International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, a member of the free trade union YUKGPI.

Honors and Awards: Diplomas (2) (2009-2013.) Alғys Hut (2) (2008 -2009).

The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: Introduction of innovative technologies in the teaching of literature. MMNPK "News from the science get here 2009" .- Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009; Fyodor Dostoyevsky and creative relationship Ch.Ch. MMNPK «Naukowa mysl informacyjneco wieku-2009" .- Prague, Czech Republic, 2009; Interactive methods of teaching literature. MMNPK "Problems of competitive personality through the development of creative activity" t.3.- Shymkent, Moscow, 2009 - pp 182-187; Development of genre structure in ancient Egyptian literature. MMNPK "Actual problems of philology and social sciences and humanities" Shymkent-.- Moscow, 2009 - pp 102-108; The image of the East in the works of poets Kazakhstan late 1 early twentieth century. MMNPK "Eurasian Lingvokulturnaja paradigm and the process of globalization: Past and Present" .- Pyatigorsk, 2009 - pp 169-173; Kazakh steppe in the pro-product of Fyodor Dostoevsky. MRS "Chistyakov reading 2009" .- Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2009 - S. 36-41; Oriental motifs in the works akyns South Kazakhstan late XIX beginning of XX century. "Bulletin. Series of Oriental "KazSNU them. Al-Farabi. Number 2 (47). - Almaty, 2009. - S. 118-124; The relationship of Abai with the world literature. Materials PBMCs "Perspective-time processing of science and technology." - Poland, 2010. - P. 69-75; Implementation of strategies of modernization in higher education. Materials PBMCs "Using innovative technologies in shaping the future specialist." V.1. -Shymkent, Moscow, 2010; Oriental motifs in the lyrics of Alexander Pushkin. PBMCs "New Kazakhstan, a new teacher, a new generation." - Shymkent, 2011.-S.110-115; On the question of interactive methods in literature classes. MSMT devoted to the problems of teaching language and literature. - Astana, 2012; The reality of the twentieth century in the artistic world of Chingiz Aitmatov. PBMCs devoted to the work of Chingiz Aitmatov. - London, 2012. - 89-91; MOAuezov - follower of Abai in the rapprochement of cultures. Materials PBMCs WYKSZTALCENIE I NAYKA BEZ GRANIC. Prague, 2013. - P. 50-55; Genre travel essays in Russian and Kazakh literature.