Nariman Nurpeisov Zhumashevich

Full name:  Nariman Nurpeisov Zhumashevich

Education:  philologist, Karağanda State University, 1985.

Degree:  Candidate of Philological Sciences (1998)

Professional qualifications:  philologist, Lecturer

Subjects: Theory of Literature, Kazakh Literary critics, the theory of literature. 

Work in this facility: 3 year.

Employment:  total.

Academic experience, work in other institutions: SKSU. M.Auezov, 1996-2012.

Academic experience: no.

Membership in professional organizations: no

Certificate or professional registration (patents) - 

Ceremony and Award:

1 Letter of thanks to the Presidential Administration, 2012

2. Diploma 2nd degree of creative competition "figures Alash Orda and Mangilik eat", conducted by the newspaper "South Kazakhstan", 2014.

3. Letter of thanks and. o. Head of the Department of Education Tjulkubas district SKR.

4. . Letter of thanks from the head of the education department Suzak district SKRО.

Letter of thanks to the Rector of the Kazakhstan Peoples' Friendship University, Shymkent.

Letter of thanks to the administration of pre-school education center "Erbol" SKR.

The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: "Kairatker qalamgerligi". (The magazine "Qazığ", 2012, No. 6, "Abai about the quality and xakimdik reflections" (the magazine "Qazığ", 2013, No. 10, "the spirit of the Alash fighting slogan literature" (the magazine "Qazığ", 2013 No. 12, "He was an echo of the songs," (the magazine "Qazığ", 2014, No. 4), Wonder century ğïbratı (newspaper "South", 2011, No. 54), the parent of one of the limbs or could not Mukhamedzhan bit ( newspaper "Sever", 2011, No. 38-39), that gives education Horde (newspaper "rounded the world, 2012, No. 34), Abish senior and Aqsümbelikter (Abish Baitanayev. Sostavïtelï D.Ä.Moldalïeva. Shymkent. Nurly video. 2011. 192 pp.), scholar John dies (Professor of Ä.Baytanaev) (Material NIC "innovative technologies in science and education", Shymkent-2011.) The appearance of the Kazakh literature of the idea of ​​freedom (Material proceedings "Auezovsky readings - 10:" 20 -year milestone: science, education and culture in the development of innovative activities ", 2011), that gives education Horde (edition" Teacher light ".. No. 20. On 29 October. 2011), the most precious wealth of independence (newspaper" rounded the world " , 2011, No. 4), and create the future status of the teacher ("rounded the world". Republican political newspaper. No. 39. 20.10.2011.), Thoughtful, patriotic newspaper ("rounded the world." Republican political newspaper. No. 24. 23.06.2011.), Independent of the sacred principle ("rounded the world." Republican political newspaper. No. 32 . 25.08.2011.), the most precious treasures of Independence ("truth". № 596-600. 7.12.2011.), the idea of ​​the professional independence of Literature (sharpness. Republican political newspaper. No. 240 on 23.12.2011.) Şarapatı and a lot of favor. (Address luggage) ("Pravda" newspaper. № 45. 1.02.2012.), Worked hard ("rounded the world." Republican political gazet.№ 43. 15.11.2012.), Dear teacher (a teacher or a friend A bit about the fundamental Omarov) ("rounded the world." Republican political newspaper. No. 36. 27.09.2012.), the image of Kazakh literature Sugur ("Sozak tone" of the regional public-political newspaper. №152-153. 26.09 .2012.), will be the key objectives of education ("rounded the world." Republican political newspaper. No. 34. 13.09.2012.), Kazakh Education qaraşañırağı "rounded the world". (Republican political newspaper. No. 38. 11.10.2012.), Eltutqa («South Kazakhstan» newspaper, No. 191-192. 1.12., 2012.), A man who can make her laugh (M.Şerim) ("Street and the City" Republican newspaper. No. 47. 19.11.2012.), Abay xakimdik a heritage of quality of the reflections ("multilingual education of a person on the basis of competitive" Republican scientific-practical conference. Shymkent. 2012), the issue of the state language ("rounded the world . "Republican political newspaper. No. 12. March 28. 2013.), Shortanbai jırlarındağı disclosure of the colonial policy (" Cultures around the language, literature, translation and journalism issues "in the international scientific-practical conference. Almaty. Suleyman Demirel University. 2013. ), Ä.Baytanaev "Abai's Way" epic novel researcher ("Baitanayev readings - 1: National education teacher training at the present stage of the integration process," the international scientific-practical conference. Shymkent. 2013.), Abai (Textbook) (Shymkent. "World" magazine. 2013. 12 pp), E.Ysmailov and literary issues

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