Omarov Togatay Kaltayuly

Full name:  Omarov Togatay Kaltayuly

Education:  philologist, ICGS them. Yasavi A. (1994), Ph.D. (2008).

Scientists and academic degree:  PhD, Art. teacher.

Professional qualifications:  philologist, Lecturer казахского языка и литературы.

Subjects: абаеведение, методика преподавания казахской литературы. 

Work in this facility:  from 2013.

Employment:  total.

Academic experience, work in other institutions: UKSPU (2000-2004), SKSU named M.Auezov  (2004-2013).

Academic experience: no.

Membership in professional organizations: no

Certificate or professional registration (patents)  – certificate courses "Distance Learning: School tutors" regional center teacher training and technical education prfessionalnogo SKSU. MO Auezov (2013).

Ceremony and Award:

thank-you letter from the head of domestic policy akimat SKR (2011).

The most important publications and presentations over the past five years:  1. Nineteenth-century literary Kazakh-Kyrgyz relations. Monograph, Shymkent, 2009, 10 p. l.