Ibragimov Janat Abutalipovna

Full name:  Ibragimov Janat Abutalipovna

Education:  higher, MSTU. Yasavi A. (1996), Ph.D. (2005); Associate Professor (2010).

Degree:  Candidate of Philological Sciences.

Professional qualifications:  teacher of the Kazakh language and literature.

Subjects: Introduction to Literary Studies, Abai.

Work in this facility: from 2014.

Employment:  full.

Academic experience, work in other institutions: International Kazakh-Turkish University. A. Yasavi from 1996-2005, Turkestan.

Academic experience: no.

Membership in professional organizations: no

Certificate or professional registration (patents) - 

Ceremony and Award: -

The most important publications and presentations over the past five years: 


The possibility of using innovative technologies in the educational process and implementation mechanisms for the formation of ecological culture of younger students. Sofia, 2012.

A. Kekilbaev psychology and the works of moral issues. Prezemysl Nauka I studia. Prague. 2013

N. Kelimbetov "My son is a letter" novel educational value //  «Bïyal GRAD-BG «OOD. Sofia . 2013

Organization of teaching and research activities of junior schoolchildren. Impact factor. Moscow.2013.

Teorettiko and methodological bases of formation of ecological culture of the younger schoolboy in innovative educational environment.

«Bïyal GRAD-BG «OOD . Sofia .2013